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Here are some tips that you can use:

  1. The fastest way to charge your phone is to turn it off while it’s being charged. When it is off, no processes are running in your device and therefore nothing is using its battery. If it is not turned off, avoid using it while it is being charged.
  2. If your ZenFone 2 is either the ZE550ML or the ZE551ML model, then it supports the ASUS BoostMaster technology and we recommend using the provided USB cable and adapter. The 9V/2A 18W AC adapter can charge your phone at faster speeds.  
    NOTE: This feature only applies to specific models and must be paired with the 18W BoostMaster adapter.  

  3. Avoid high ambient temperatures when charging. High temperatures can damage your phone’s battery capacity. 

  4. Avoid charging your phone through your computer. The power restored through a computer is often less than your actual power consumption.
  5. Avoid running your battery down to 0%. If it does shut off by itself, don’t attempt to turn it back on, as it can damage the battery. 
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