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Summer is around the corner, and it's time to explore the great outdoors. Join ZenUI Themes and embrace nature with our outdoor summer ZenUI theme , which users can collect lasting memories of beautiful blue sky.


The crashing waves are your stage with the stunning sunset for your background, which make you look more like a star or a surfing master. You can feel the wind coming through hair as the eyes of the crowd follow your every move in complete awe.

(Surf is Life)


Get a glimpse of a colorful underwater world full of life and beauty. As if you are also diving in the deep sea, swim through the corals, and find an indescribable aquatic paradise.

(Life Under the Sea)

Island holiday

Everyone must dream of a summer getaway in a deserted, worry-free island.  Leave the trouble stuffs in your daily life alone and relax in this tropical paradise with beaches and endless crystal clear water.



Ride the bike in the breeze as you cycle around and enjoy the pleasant scenery

(Let's Go Biking!)

Mountain time

Summer isn't just about beaches and tropical locations. Up in the mountains you can enjoy a milder weather by hiking or simply chill with lovely lakes around you.

(Lake Side Living)

Update ZenUI Themes now and embrace this summer.


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