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New updates from ZenUI Keyboard will surely make your typing experience faster and easier.

Resize and reposition the keyboard as you like
No matter which hand you use or how big your mobile screen is, it's great experience to type with customized keyboard in ideal width and height as well as its position on the screen. 

From the toolbar, tap  > Resize keyboard and use  to increase/decrease its height,  to increase/decrease its width, or  to move the keyboard to area you like.

Edit text with no fuss
User can accurately select a word, a phras, or a paragraph to cut, copy, or paste with Text editing feature.
From the toolbar, tap  > Text editing to display the text editing interface.  Tap Select and easily move around the cursor over the text with the navigation keys to highlight the contents you want. Then tap the Cut, Copy, or Paste to apply. If you want to copy all contents, just tap Select all.

Power up copy-paste with Clipboard
automatically saves up to 50 pieces of text contents you copied. Copying and pasting frequently-used phrases is now made swift and effortless!

Tap  > Clipboard to display the list of copied text, then tap on it to paste. To remove any saved text, just swipe it to the left. To remove all items from Clipboard, tap .

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‎03-29-2019 10:17 AM
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