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This Mother’s Day, express your love and care by helping mom to set up her very personal ZenUI Keyboard on her mobile. Teach her some simple tricks that will make mobile texting fun and easy for her!

Tip #1: Larger characters
Is your mom not used to read or type words in small texts? Help her to set up larger character size on her keyboard so she doesn’t have to squint her eyes when texting.


To set up large characters, tap   Keyboard settings > Advanced settings then tick Larger characters


Note: If mom still find it hard to read the text from the small screen on her mobile phone, teach her to enlarge the characters via Settings > Display > Font size and select Large or Huge

Tip #2: Emoji
Send a text message to your mom with lots of  and , also teach her how to use emoji and be creative in her own texting!

Simply tap  on the toolbar to select from a variety of fun and cute emoji.


Tip #3: Dark-toned keyboard themes
Choose from our variety of dark-toned keyboard themes and let mom read with comfort and ease when typing.


To change keyboard themes, tap    on the toolbar then tap and select a theme from Featured, Free, and Paid tabs.

Tip #4: Personalized keyboard theme
Teach mom to create her own keyboard skin by applying her favorite photo as the background image.


To personalize the keyboard skin, tap  on the toolbar then tap  > Default > My theme1 or My theme2 > Background image and select the photo.

Tip #5: Voice input
Let her voice be heard! Teach your mom to use voice input — sending text messages can be as fast and easy as making phone calls!


To use voice input, tap  on the toolbar then say the message out loud to input the text.

Note: If you can’t find the above five features on the toolbar, simply tap  > Toolbar settings then check the features you want to display on your toolbar.

Sweet freebie! Update ZenUI Keyboard now and get our Love and Gratitude theme for free, a very special gift for mom on this very special day!


Note: Update your ZenUI Keyboard to the latest version (v1.7.0.25_160411) to enjoy this theme.

ZenUI wishes all moms a Happy Mother’s Day!


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