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Battery drain and software issue

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In Asus max pro m1 west don't by Asus phones , Asus mobiles doesn't have durability I just kept on floor facing screen to floor the touch were broken so don't buy. Asus server don't give any suggestions what we say they give answer differently to the questions plz don't Asus mobile these mobile price is now 7500rs/- but these touch screen price is about 3500rs/- Asus.

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wrong forum to post
just keeping phone on the floor is not going to break.. holds true for any phone not just asus.. you should have taken better care...
individual hardware is going to cost you more goto any brand...
Abusing is not going to help.. ?
Don't be virtual, get real

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As kooldude7285 mentioned, this is not the correct forum for the Max Pro M1.

I'm not sure I understand your issue. Your title talks about battery drain and software issues, but the meat of the post is about a broken screen?

You're welcome to have an opinion about your phone and our brand, but I shouldn't have to edit your post for inappropriate language. If you need help with a ZenFone 6 we'll be happy to help if you're willing to be civil. For ZenFone Max Pro M1 related issues, please visit this forum