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4G+ only feature request

Rising Star II
When I turn on mobile data 4G+ will be on but it changes to 4G automatically causing low speed internet and network distraction...
It is difficult to download when it auto changes to 4G because the download gets slowed down sometimes stops .

It's major problem when streaming, browsing and downloading...

Please make 4G+ only option in mobile networks it will help in stable connection.

Rising Star I
But if u enable 4G+ when signal strength is not good..It can lead to discontinuation of mobile data .

Star II
Man that problem is only on airtel??. I too am a airtel user and this 4g+ problem leads to slow speeds and no volte later. Jio works fantastic it stays 4g+ most of the time even on low signal but we know that Airtel is better than jio 😛

Community Legend II
It is extremely difficult and pretty much impossible for us to comment on network conditions for any specific user and use-case as that is depending not only on our devices but also heavily on the other end - the network itself.

Network speeds will vary depending on signal strength..