Há atualização para o Rog 2, tanto da Asus qto para Android 10?

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editado setembro 2020 em ROG Phone 2

Atualizações de Android 10 ou Asus para Rog2?


  • @pc.augusto7 veja no site da ASUS que as atualizações já estão disponíveis.


    Version WW-17.0210.2001.60

    2020/03/092.25 GBytes

    ZS660KL software Image:WW_V17.0210.2001.60 for WW/JP only*

    Note: Please be patience it's normal when downloading status bar stop a while with large update package.

    Improved Item:

    1.When reboot the device after system upgrade, dark screen will last about 30 seconds, depending on data size, before startup animation. Please be patient.

    2.Please back up your data before upgrading to Android 10. If you want to downgrade your device’s software version to Android 9 by official software package, it will erase all data from your device’s internal storage.

    3.Upgraded system to Android 10

    4.Support Google Play system update

    5.Removed Go2Pay and tags ability in Gallery

    6.Support more Aura system lighting scenarios when mounting Lighting Armor Case

    7.Added advanced settings to brightness bar on the Quick Settings panel

    8.Applied Call Exclusive mode system-wide. Removed the related setting from Armoury Crate

    9.Added a setting to change the style of power button menu

    10.Added fully gestural navigation in Display setting

    11.Support Android 10 Dark Theme

    12.Added "Suggested actions and replies" in notifications’ advanced setting

    13.Changed the add Wi-Fi network design

    14.Some 3rd party apps aren’t compatible with Android 10 yet

    15.The "Gestures on dark screen" will be turned off after system upgrade

  • @pc.augusto7 conseguiu atualizar seu aparelho?

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