I found 4 bugs on Android 10 of Zenfone Max Pro M1 (ZB602KL)



  • Hinders fullscreen mode in chrome while playing videos and also PES MOBILE2020 cant be played fullscreen because of the navigation bar layout which is very thick. These were the bugs which were noticed immediately.

    I use Zenfone Maxpro M1 4gb varient.

    1. Model Name: Zenfone Max Pro M1(ZB602KL)
    2. Firmware Version: QKQ1.WW_Phone-17.2017.2004.424-20200414
    3. Rooted or not: NO


    (After Android 10 ,Stable version update)

  • MalavMalav Level 1

    The customisation card bug is there in some other phones too...I have a Mi A2 android One device and that bug is there for me too...you can clear data of settings suggestions and force stop it to get rid of it for a few days!

  • Netflix is not working after android 10 update. It says that this appis not compatible with your device

  • because android 10 is in beta stage and that's y it shows device is not certified in playstore

    and u can't install Netflix in non-certified phones, so u need to wait till stable update come

  • Mine also has very poor quality sound after updating to A10, no bass sound in headset or bluetooth mode

  • baranibarani Level 1

    Sir, first of all chat bubbles will be enabled when the API of the third party app should support that feature. Google has released this API for public so that anyone use that API for their app to support chat bubble feature. So wait for the updates for third party apps like whatsapp, Instagram etc.,

    Currently, messenger, stock calling app and stock messaging app support this feature.

    Secondly, you told to fix HD graphics in PUBG. May be an update will be rolled out to fix that. So wait.

    THIRDLY, you complained that the front camera is dark while recording video. Since android 10 has no custom API for camera, you can use Google camera for taking photos like a professional. I prefer don't use stock camera application. The link of Google camera is here

    Fourthly, you that how to hide the suggestions (hints) in settings. HEY, That is the unique feature of the android 10. That can't be disabled for android 10 as I've tried in other mobiles running in android 10

  • JunrelJunrel Level 1

    I hope the stable is far way better than this, i mean Asus make stable version excellent because their ar many users waiting for it. I hope also it will release earlier.

  • treviasxktreviasxk Level 1
    editado maio 2020

    1- Yes I know, I took the test on the Google messaging app, but it didn't work.

    2-On Android 9 the HD graphic of pubg is available, PUBG shows the graphic options available according to the model of the GPU and CPU It seems that Asus modified this part in Android 10, so the HD option is not available in pubg.

    3-In all camera apps it is dark when recording on the front, the gcam is also dark. (in photo mode it is normal)

    4-I was not able to remove the Wallpaper and Face Recognition tip, even clicking on them and doing the procedure they did not disappear, but I fixed the problem, I did the factory data reset. (I had just updated android 10 over 9)

  • it will come again , i also formatted after that

  • Hello, I did the factory data reset and I was using my smartphone for a week to see if the bugs disappeared, but it didn't disappear.

    These hint cards are back, and they don't come out, none of the bugs I mentioned have been fixed.

  • Os cartões de dicas são o padrão do Android 10 design n para outros designs, aguarde a próxima versão estável do firmware

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