Why can't I use my camera???

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editado julho 2021 em Série ZenFone Max Pro

Basically I own an ZenFone Shot Plus (I bought it a few months ago), my device has the latest update installed on it and the camera is not working very well (I have to restart my phone so It can work properly, but eventually it stops, so I have to keep restarting my phone often enough so it can work without any initial problems). Extra note: I already tried to reset my phone back to it's original configs and update it again to see if the camera issue would be gone but I still have the same camera issue

I'll leave here all the infos such as firmware, software, android and so on:

Model: ASUS_A001D

Serie number: L4AXB600T757647

Android: 9

Version number: WW_Phone-16.14.2009.319_20200825

Camera version: 2.0.002 (16.14.2009.319-00)

Please, if anyone is having the same problem and managed to solve it, consider helping me :(


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