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editado setembro 2020 em ROG Phone 2

Versão WW-17.0230.2004.60

2020/05/122.27 GBytes

ZS660KL software Image:WW-V17.0230.2004.60 for WW/JP only*

Note: Please be patience it's normal when downloading status bar stop a while with large update package.

For WW SKU Improved Item:

1.Updated Android security patch

2.Enabled randomized MAC feature for WIFI connections

3.Fixed issue where occasionally video playback would freeze

4.Fixed issue causing sound value reverting to default when user insert a headset, adjust the bass value in AudioWizard and answering a call.

5.Fixed the issue where the screen refresh rate in Quick settings is not grayed out when opening a game app

6.Fixed issue where app would crash if user press the back key when replying email with GMail in tablet mode with DT Dock

7.Fixed video search issue on Game Genie

8.Fixed APP Lock function issue

9.Fixed Settings crash issue in French localization

10.Fixed occasional splash screen issue


  • Hello! All good? I would like to ask a question. My smartphone recently updated to version Ww_phone-17.0240.2004.9 And now it does not update to the latest version. It gives an error message. Could you explain the reason for this?

  • @flaviowarren311 did you tried to update manually?

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