Want to buy Zenfone 6 but worried about motherboard issue.



    1. Do I said ASUS is Chinese? Please point out where do I said Asus is Chinese or else please check your eyes.
    2. Dissatisfied? According to your previous comment from you, you can't play pubg smoothly while before .121 patch and yours ZF6 have bug about when taking photos on 48mp mode, also mad about the admin told you to hard reset your phone. Does admins know how you use your phone? Why they need to admit you phone have issue, all the zenfone 6 have the same issue? Only you have paid your phone and we don't need to paid for the phone? So, according to your comment on other post , you can try to back to iphone and see what will apple do once you have bugs on your phone
    3. https://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/comment/46812#Comment_46812

    for those don't know what this picky user comment, please click the link above

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    In Traditional Chinese version of this forum, I see most issue on the forum is they can't use fast charging , no matter is Asus charger or other charger, they provided picture and test that they can't use fast charging.

    In English version of this forum, motherboard issue? what is the issue related to motherboard? No picture, no test. Some member said we have issue blah blah blah, but never mention that they have sent back to repair.

    How can you guarantte there is no China conspiracy here?

  • I know what? I use this phone just pass half year and no issue.

    The only issue is I don't understand why Asus do not officially open wifi calling to user. And I have solved by using the code

  • LOL easy bro, you are just like an asus fan boy.

    just for your information bro, this is your comment :

    So many "USER" suggest not to buy this phone, and suggest to buy China's brand phone

    Is it some "marketing agency" were hired to start FORUM SEEDING on zentalk?

    am i wrong or chinese and china are not the same ?

    LOL of course i dissatisfied with bug with the camera and lag on pubg while this phone is 855 snapdragon

    Take it easy, you are too hard for yourself

    First of all, i sold my iphone 7 plus , bought this phone. Selling an android will NOT WORTH the money, because you bought it, the selling price will be so down. Oh yeah i will definitely go back to iphone again, i am saving my money and once it enough i will sell this shitty phone and exchange it with iphone

  • Anyone please tell me are the issues solved with asus 6z

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