Broken display without any physical damage



  • I have the same issue:

    I have been denied repair under warranty. No one in Asus seems to care because why would they care about an old phone when a newer model has launched.

  • @amaanmehdi Whats the status of your phone? Did you get it repaired or still denied?

  • What happened now ?? What's a problem repair or not ?

  • In my phone same issue

  • rjayrjay Level 2

    Call you bank and file a claim if your warranty claim was denied. Explain to them the product is under warranty and asus REFUSES to fix it.

    Keep your phone just in case. The bank may require you return the phone in order to receive your claim. Keep all copies of your email, and make sure to take good pictures of your phone (to show that there is NO physical damage, and that asus is full of it).

    Best of luck.

  • Still denied. They won't repair. I have talked to almost 10 or maybe more customer service people, and after I explain them my situation all they do is "forward my issue to a senior official" and the cycle starts again. The final guy i talked to told me to mail him images of the phone on the asus india procare email. After i did email them, 15 days have passed no response ever since.

    Sincerely disappointed ASUS. Rog was my goto brand but no more.

  • Trust me, my friend paid them 15k after trying everything. Its so disappointing

  • rjayrjay Level 2

    Like I said.... this is why you are better off doing a claim with your bank.

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    I remember reading a thread with similar case of broken display from inside. The cause of it was later found. It was swollen battery (Yeah Asus uses pretty cheap batteries) that broke the display.

    Maybe ask service center guys to check from battery swelling perspective.

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