Heating issue ROG Phone 2 SOLVED, at last for me.

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Hello guys,

I have my ROG Phone II for almost a year now, and it was always awesome, and I never had any issues with it. But some weeks ago I started to have the same heating problems as some of you.

Issues I had:

  • high CPU and GPU temperatur (around 50 °C at idle and after short use, even for watching YouTube went fast over 50 °C)
  • Combined temperatur around 40 °C at idle and over 50° while usage
  • The Games started to lag, but at last Phone never shut down
  • The Battery drain has increased dramatically ( I had to charge it up to 2 times a day, before it was 1 time for almost 2 days)

I was at the edge to send it back. But before I did, I remembered that the problems started short after I changed some RGB and lightning settings at Armoury Crate.

At first there was no issues. But slowly my Phone started to getting hotter and also the battery drain got higher and higher.

I turned all lightning settings off and let only the X-Mode ON.

IMMEDIATELY i felt a change. The Phone doesn't overheat anymore, the battery drain went step by step back to normal. I have no more laggs in games.


Try it out, if you have similar problems and post your results her. I don't know if this is the cause for the heating problems for everyone but it solved my problem.

When I was desperate I tried to find help here, so I hope that this will help some of you.


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