Upper earpiece Speaker issue in Zenfone 6z



  • Thanks VS-KR.. Done this test few times. It says 'error'.

    Strange thing is that my earpiece came back and worked for few days and now it stopped working again...

    I found out that it worked back again while it was charging...

    It is really a ramdom problem.. Please ASUS fix it!!!

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    I am using phone in Czech language, but when I want to help others I switch system language to English to be exact.

  • Done this test few times. It says 'error'.

    Service your phone.

    It is really a ramdom problem.

    HW issue could be random, for example, a loose connector on motherboard.

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    I got the earpiece not to be working after the .144 update. At First, the earpiece started to crackle then after an hour it stopped responding to calls and even stereo audio playback. So, I request to help me out of this situation!!

  • I'm facing earpiece problem from past one days can I know how can I resolve it

  • Likes like it is a hardware problem..

    I solved mine by chance. My phone, which had the earpierce problem, fall from more than 1 meter high on the screen, flat (glad I had a protection..) and the earpierce worked again. I was so surprised that I took the risk to made it fall on purpose again and earpiece stopped working again. I made it fall a third time and worked again! Of course I won't take any responsability if that doesn't work on ours or if you break your Z6!! 😜🤣

  • Because of the problems stated above, should i buy 6z or not

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