Zenfone 5z ZS620KL VoLTE setting Dissappear??

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Hi good day,

I've been searching everywhere about VoLTE on Asus Zenfone 5z ZS620KL.

I'm new with VoLTE, recently I buy a new Number which has to use VoLTE and as I know that my phone Zenfone 5z have native VoLTE.

SADLY, there is no VoLTE setting to enable / disable which I know in google it has to be in :

Setting => Network & Connections => Mobile Network

Is it a bug or something? Because there is setting on Secondary SIM using VoLTE exist on SIM card setting

Need your help please.


  • Maybe your provider didn't support Volte.

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    Please check if that carrier supports VOLTE on which you are not seeing VOLTE option to ON or OFF

    If that carrier doesnt support VOLTE you will not be able to see that settings in options


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    I already went to my provider support center and my SIM CARD has VoLTE on their native VoLTE phone.

    I call asus support in my country and they cant do much. They just told me to screenshot the setting and email them first.

    My questions is, how come my SIM card VoLTE on another native phone but not in Asus Zenfone 5z? Is that possible that my Zenfone 5z didnt recognize my SIM card VoLTE?

  • Did you see VOLTE on other device in that same area?

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    I did saw VoLTE on their device tho. I think I should go to asus service center or downgrade the OS maybe? Now I'm using android 10

  • Try sim reinsert also check with safe mode if system behaves same

    To go to safe mode press and hold power button>you will see normal restatt n switch off options> tap and hold switch off option for few seconds system will ask to entre safe mode >click ok

    To exit safe mode just restart

    If still problem remains try below steps

    reset before taking device to service centre which is last hope

    Remeber dont forget to take backup of imp data before you reset


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    Hi amitgrade3,

    My provider for sure support VoLTE, even this provider using only VoLTE to make a phone call & text using VoLTE. Without VoLTE you cant.

    The provider create the apps for their customer who have not VoLTE in their phone to using their apps. Unfortunately the apps keep crashing and such a pain in the *** its bother me a lot. Now I cant make a phone call & text messages.


    1. I already go to provider support center and they cant do much with their built apps. And they test my SIM card to their phone and has VoLTE, so my SIM card is not the problem.

    2. I called "ASUS Support" in my Country (INDONESIA), their answer is they dont know whats going on with my phone and they told me to email them and screenshot the setting that I screenshot on my previous post.

    The only hope for me is ASUS solve my problem A.S.A.P

  • ShendyShendy Level 1

    1. I already went to my provider support center and they test my SIM card to their phone have VoLTE. My SIM card is not the problem.

    2. I called ASUS support center in my country (INDONESIA) they do know how come that happen and tell me to screenshot the setting (screenshot on my previous post) and email them to see it first.

    Really need help ASUS to take care of it

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    Hi Shendy

    Thank you for your asking. Kindly refer to 4 main requirements below that needs to fulfill to use VoLTE function :

    A. The carrier supports VoLTE

    B. The model supports the carrier

    C. SIM Card has VoLTE

    D. Both side are using VoLTE

    Kindly provide me the name of your carrier so that we could better assist you. You may reply the e-mail to ASUS support center in Indonesia as well.

    Besides, my VoLTE works fine with WW-

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