Poor network

PashiPashi Level 1
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The latest update for ww sku has been irritating with very poor network .that even cannot load a56kb image for 2 seconds.shame on you asus


  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    Where can we find the 56KB image?

    The load time can depend on various factors and not just the phone. On the phone, you can obviously check to see if you are maxed out on usage.

    Where the image is hosted and located on the Internet? If the image is hosted on a server which is like the opposite side of the world to you, that may have an impact too due to latency.

    Adverts and other scripts that runs in the background can cause an impact too. Unless your viewing just an image, websites may have analytic scripts or adverts or the things that make websites easier to see and navigate.

    You can try Google and see if it is quick as Google will have a servers that's located in different areas of the world and it is very minimal.

    It can also depends on how busy the network is. If you're just saying it's you on the WIFI, that's not what I mean. The network provider can only have finite amount of traffic at any one time, therefore you may experience delay.

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