Never buy Asus Zenfone Flagship

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I really realy disappointed with Asus Zenfone right now.

I regret my decision to buy the flagship Asus Zenfone 5z almost 2 years ago. The quality and the after sales service of this product is really SUCKs.

I bought Zenfone 5z with full efforts (its really hard to find this good on Indonesian market) almost 2 years ago. Everything is find with very normal usage. I really taking care this Zenfone because it's really princely for me.

After 11 months usage, I start to get this problem : suddenly my Zenfone cannot connect to my provider and has no connection. I think my provider is wrong. I check with them and everything is ok. Even I put the sim card into another phone and it runs ok. I use another sim card on Zenfone and it still have problem. I googling about this problem and found this is 'No Service Issue' and happened all arround the world (not only Indonesia).

Since it was still under warranty, I bring it to official Service Center and they said it was Hardware issue and replace my mainboard with the new one (with new IMEI not registered to our government). After replacement and downgraded the firmware, my Zenfone 5z is working normally. But after 3 months usage, the No Service issue is coming back again several times. I still can manage it using some tips I got from this forum until 4 months ago it totally not worked anymore. I come back to official Service Center and complain about it. I even cannot sell this phone since the IMEI is not registered to our government database. They said they will check and will inform me about it. I wait until 4 months and no news from the Service Center. I really disappointed with Asus SC services, and try to contact them first through Asus Contact Center. They promised to call me about it but never doing it until i recontact them 3 times.

Today after I calling them for the 4 times, they informed me about the service charge about USD 450!! What a number is it.. I event bought that only arround USD 400 2 years ago.

They're out of logic: the problems (No Service Issue) come from their software, they replaced my board with new board and not registered the IMEI to our government database (so I cannot sell it to anyone), now they want to replace my parts again with charge over than my buying (new phone) price...

What kind services is this? I trust my money on your flagship product, and almost half of time usage is on your service center, you replace my phone with unregistered IMEI and now you try to 'rob' me with service charge over than buying new one.. Bravo ASUS, you just incredible...

No one can help or give best solution for this problem. I give up with Asus ID services, and disappointed with Asus Zenfone Flagship product.

So, never buy their Flagship if you do not want get wasted and disappointed.

I hope this story come to Asus's CEO in Taiwan or US, so they know the quality of service (especially on QC and after sales) division is really Sucks and downgrade their brand.

You may call and investigate me through my email : [email protected] or contact my mobile : +62-8551018910 if Asus really serious to help fix this kind of problem. Thank you.


  • RitaRita Level 1

    Write to the headquarters:

    Address: Samson Hu, ASUSTeK Computer Inc., no. 15, Li-Te Road, Beitou District, Taipei 112, Taiwan.

    +886-2-2894-3447, [email protected]

  • Hi Gun2

    Sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. For further checking, could you provide me some essential information for further checking?

    1. Please check SMMI test, any SMMI test fails?

    Calculator> type ".12345+=">SMMI TEST>Single Test> SIM Card Test/SIM Signal Test

    2. If you downgrade to Android P, does the issue remain the same?

    Android 10 downgrade to P (2019/12/26)

    3. Please reply my PM with your RMA no. to avoid personal information leaking.

  • Gun2Gun2 Level 1

    Hi Christine..

    Thanks for your good intention to solve this (rather than ASUS ID Service center services in Indonesia).

    My faulty unit is still under ASUS Service Center (official) who try to "robbing" me with their service charge for well-known issues come from your software, not my usage in this Flagship Zenfone.

    Contact ASUS Service Center Mangga Dua Square to investigate about this case.

    Remember : they're already replace my original mainboard last year (a month before the warranty end) with new board which IMEI not registered on our government database, and this problem comeback again arround Feb 2020 after OTA update. Since March 2020 I bring it back to ASUS Service Center again and no update until yesterday which come with very WOW service charge that even higher than my buying price.

  • Hi Gun2

    Thank you for your reply. Kindly reply me the PM for further checking. Again, sorry for any inconvenience it may cause.

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