Asus zenfone max pro m2 bootloop

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  1. Stuck logo
  2. Tidak bisa masuk ke mode factory reset

Asus max pro m2 parah setahun lebih 2 bulan gw beli skrng udh g bisa di pke garansi habis hp sekarat dan udh jadi smpah...

Gw bawa ke servis center masalah stuck di logo dan g bs di flash gw g ngerti knp tu hp tiba2 mati dan disuruh ganti mesin lebih mahal dr harga hp baru nya max pro m2....

Kira kira cacat pabrik apa gmn sih gw jengkel krn ditengah2 corona kyk gini mw beli hp gmn...

Tolong donk yg tau solusinya...


  • Hi sarahabrimosan,

    Thank you for your asking. Please provide the information in English to avoid any misunderstanding. Also, please provide us your model name and the firmware version so that we can better assist you.

  • Me too my unit is ZENFONE MAX PRO M2 model ZB631KL i dont know the firmware because my phone endless bootloop, got the same problem after the update patch android in march 2020 about 150mb size file

    1. Endless bootloop

    2.cannot enter recovery mode only csc safe mode asus centre service they said the ic is getting weaker so must change whole motherboard

    Here i just wanna ask where is the responsibility of asus who's gave update android and made the phone broken useless for endless bootloop and not even the technician can repair it you have to change motherboard with same price for the new unit??

    For your information we are from indonesia,,

    Bro bukan lu aj yg ngalamin masalah ini ,, itu gara2 update patch android dari asus,,

  • Me too... My phon Asus Max Pro M2, stuck on asus logo, cannot enter recovery mode only csc safe mode, its stuck since last update...

    What firmware? I dont know, its an auto update...

    Now my phone still in Asus service center...

    When i check RMA status on web, the result is :

    Terima kasih atas pertanyaan anda! Produk anda sudah diluar masa garansi / ada kelalaian pemakaian dan akan dikenai biaya perbaikan. ASUS service center akan menghubungi anda dalam waktu 3 hari untuk konfirmasi biaya yang dibutuhkan

    (Translated: Thank you for your question! Your product is out of warranty period / there is a negligence of use and will be charged a repair fee. The ASUS service center will contact you within 3 days to confirm the fees required)

    I dont know how much it will cost...

    But Omg... Negligence of use?? Its your update that brick my phone... Its not my negligence...

  • Bro itu bakalan di suruh ganti motyerboard seharga unit baru 2 jt an lebih kalo ga salah,, mending jual aj atau tuker tambah xiaomi ,,

  • You are right bro... Bener bgt... 😭

    Kalau begini, Gak akan pakai lagi produk Asus dah...

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    Komplain terus bro. Biar bisa di follow up kayak di India. Ayok kita ramekan.

    My phone too.

    You can check my phone status atau Asus service center

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    Hi [email protected]

    Thank you for your reply. I had edited your passage and deleted the RMA no. Please be aware that sharing the personal information like SN or IMEI, which can be searched from RMA no., on the Internet is quite dangerous. You can share the screenshot avoiding the SN. Sorry for any inconvenience it may caused. 

  • just now happened to me, when I used the Asus Zenfone MaxPro M2 series cell phone suddenly bootloop and can't get into Android, so what should I do next?

  • Bikin tagar boikot produk asus bro #boikoproduktasus, biar ramai. Kesalahan sistem mereka en qt pula yg sibuk en pusing mikir perbaikan + biaya. Macem ad KONSPIRASI biar ada perbaikan. MEMANG ASU..ASU...

  • Hi, I'm from Indonesia and I get the same problem too with my ZenFone Max Pro M2. My phone stuck in ASUS logo several days after installing the unavoidable and forced firmware update (because the notification can't be closed) from ASUS. I read an India forum that this issue had been around since April-June 2020, and ASUS India was responsible by swapping the devices with the new one. Here's the news (I can't post any link because my new account).

    So, what should I do? Please ASUS, be responsible. ASUS Indonesia especially.

  • yeah it happen to me too after 2 or 3 day update for new firmware unit force restart anda stukc on asus logo,

  • nyesel gw pake ini hp. semenjak update malah gini fak lah

  • lmao asus

    I want to hard reset it, but I can't enter recovery mode. And I don't use any customization, no root no ubl, but this goddamn device suddenly got booloop. Is this problem because the newest firmware update? so your firmware causing the bootloop issue? Hilarious. Well done asus, now say goodbye to all my datas

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