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It takes 10mins for charging one percentage, really disappointed with Rog 2.

Tried with both ports but not works

Charging perfectly with my friend mobile so charger or adapter is not defects

First two times works at soft mode, after that same issue with soft mode

Did two times factorial reset, still same issue

Mobile temperature is always below 35C

I start to face this problem after Android 10 update, I don't know whether it's a software problem or hardware problem. You are promoting it's a gaming mobile actually I stopped playing games in this device.

More importantly it was replaced by old one which also face the same problem , I face the issues within one day and replaced this mobile. After 6 months of usage, this mobile also face the exact same problem.


  • @mani4dany Are you able to check with a different charger? In any case, I'd recommend you visit a local service center to get your device looked at.

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