Add H.266 codec

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I think ASUS should be working by now to add the new h.266 codec in the video recording app. Also to reproduce it.


  • No prayer of that I would think. It just came out about 5 minutes ago and there are no chips to deal with hardware decoding let alone encoding for a mobile device. Eventually it will likely come to mobile, unless an updated form of AV1 (or something similar) that is open source can compete with it. I'm always as excited about new codecs as anyone else, though 😁

  • Dude, do you even understand what you're asking for? The software part alone, is not yet available and on anything outside of a high-end PC, it's going to require a dedicated hardware decoder/encoder. So no, Asus really shouldn't waste their time on this. Please read up on things before making stupid requests.

  • dude it need hardware to support it, and no hardware currently support that codec. I think you should think what you request man 😂

  • I have not asked that it be included in the current smartphone, I have only asked that they work on it. A new smartphone is not designed overnight, and it is necessary to take into account all the news that may be included in future products.

    Do you know the Zenfone 6 hardware problems? Someone did not tell them that they will work on it early enough. Now we have a flipcamera with a mechanism that leaves a lot to be desired, an unfortunate proximity sensor that constantly fails, an insignificant speaker in the earpiece, motherboards that break frequently, and a long etcetera. I think the stupidest thing to do is mis-design a phone like the Zenfone 6, perhaps by people like you who consider others stupid, rather than looking at the possibilities of comments. Fortunately, the Zenfone 7 seems to have been better designed as it was with the Zenfone 5z.

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