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Hello. Is anyone experiencing highly incosistent behaviour regarding the "tap to wake" function?

I am pretty much at 50/50 if the phone will wake or not. I have tried to only use the exact middle of the screen with precise taps and sometimes it just will not wake up, other times it will wake up after like 5 taps.

It does feel like the longer the phone is untouched, the harder it is to wake with the taps. The option of it waking up when moving seems to be unaffected, though. (different technology one would assume)

I also seem to sometimes struggle with douple tap to sleep. Looks like the margin for how far the taps are away from each other and how fast you can or have to tap is very tight. I remember on my last phone (OnePlus 5T) the tap to wakes and sleep were very well done and it seems strange that such a newer device would struggle with this, or maybe its only my device?

Everything else does seem to be working well touch-wise and overall performing as expected.

Currently on Version WW-17.0240.2004.9 (Android 10)


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    @Trine I've been unable to replicate your issue with a couple of devices at our office. The only thing I've noticed is that it works better at the center of the screen, and that you have to have to wait for a second after tapping to turn the screen off before you can tap to wake up.

    Are you experiencing any other issues related to your display apart from this?

    Edit: It also seems to work better the faster you tap.

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    @Gustav_ASUS Hey, thank you for the reply.

    I do not experience any sort of touch/display issues apart from this. It is just that I was used to my previous experience where double tapping anywhere on the screen no matter how far apart speed/position-wise I did it just worked right then and there.

    Now I sometimes tap like 8 times after a prolonged period of no use. It seems to be at its worst when the phone is laying flat for a while and you just wanna double tap it to check time etc. and it just refuses to wake up.

    I can record a video of it if you'd like but considering there is literally noone else that seems to be having this issue I guess you might be just wasting your time on me :(

    EDIT: By previous experience I mean a different phone.

  • @Trine Sure, a video won't hurt. if you can spare the time.

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    @Gustav_ASUS thanks for the interest.

    I think the first two encapsulate it perfectly. I mean it is not that big of an issue but that nagging feeling when you are trying to unlock your phone and you know it can fail and it constantly just haunts you...

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