ROG 2 Heats up to 41 to 42* Celsius and shuts down while Playing games

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You have Designed THE WORST GAMING Phone of the century which goes dead when ROG 2 Heats up to 41 to 42* Celsius and shuts down and either goes DEAD or Restarts several number of times until it cools down to 39*Celsius. When ever during the use,whether its watching videos online/or using VIDEO conferencing apps for long hours which is the need of the hour or THE FAMOUS SELLING POINT of the ROG 2-- "BEAST in Gaming" crashes at 40-41* Celsius. First time in my life i have seen such a product. And I literally wasted my money on such QUALITY.

This is theWORST DECISION which i have taken to switch from S10 to ROG 2 for gaming/everday use

Now in this lockdown i cant call any body and cant work from home also. And I researched about the same issue. It seems a lot of people have same issue but ASUS Seems to be SLEEPING on this ISSUE.

NO acknowledgement of the issue leave aside APOLOGIES from them also.

BUT they are happy to send you a SURVEY in such state.

HOW INHUMAN such a Act should be called from you ASUS.....HOW INHUMAN.

This is an HARDWARE issue and you people are still not taking note on this issue .





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    Dude having the same issue and these modsain't even replying. Are you experiencing the issue only after lastet update I.e may update. ?? Everything was fine when I was on the 2nd A10 update.

  • Heats up to 42c and the phone dies . Switched to A9 .even tho It didn't fix the problem atleast it don't switch off when charging . Before even with charging the phone it would got 42c and keep resta5ting

  • Dapak same her this the worst cp i have at the first day i am very happy that i have this phone amd now i am facing this every day autoshutdown autorestart autoreboot what the fuck asus you are selling a trush mobile phone ever it is bitter to use chip cp this kind of beast cp that fuck me every day

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    Don't compare iPhones with Androids because they are two different Ecosystems just like Windows and Linux. OnePlus or Samsungs on the other hand is having the same issue as well where people are getting reboots and heating while playing on PUBG. Samsung and OnePlus comes with bloatware loading on start up and with ROG you can prevent these from running. Some of you were complaining about Google being on your phone, well that's the company who created Android. So if you're worried about Google, IOS with their IPhones and now HarmonyOS in Hwawei is your only choice. But majority at the moment will use Google based, the Android.

    ASUS can learn something from other manufacturers and as well from the community here in terms of updating the UI and what they actually want, but it's not helping the developers just by saying it's an issue and just blank blaming ASUS. No phones are perfect, infact, you won't catch up with technology because as soon as you get the latest tech, the next day the manufacturer will be looking at a better tech for their next phone. It's called making marketing and you won't find a company who will do this for cheaper or free.

    I don't work for ASUS, but the moderators, admins and other people here are trying to help, but the problems being raised is not consistent or/and due to hardware limitations. With software engineering background, I know it's difficult to find the underlying issue where 40 percent says it's not working but 60 percent says it's working (not to scale).

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    I believe it's a hardware issue. Motherboard or else. My phone can heat up to 46C and still go on without performance drop for hours. And with cooler on at max X-mode settings 40-42C is normal and it just blows Asphalt for hours. I'm on A10. On A9 it was actually 1 or 2 degrees warmer.

    My only hardware issue was the cable. Had to buy a new one. I would say ASUS needs to improve quality control on the mass scale production at the factory. Of course this is just my presumption.

  • The problem must be something else , I play pubg Mobil at high graphics and 90fps and the battery temperature reaches 49° and the cpu and GPU reach more than 58° and still I got no performance issues no shutdown issue, I use silicon case so it allows me to comfortable hold the device. Next time I will attach some screenshots.

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    I have messing around with the PUBG settings and even the settings itself says if you choose the higher settings, it may increase the heat of your device and may cause flucturating FPS.

    I suggest people who are having heating issues while playing PUBG should decrease their settings as my device gets warmer as I choose a higher settings.

  • Mi rog phone 1 no quiere funcionar el ventilador aero active

  • Hello der ronald1985 can you please stfu for some days ..? Keeping the great name won't make u good or best..all are facing the problems of switchoff issue heating issue restart many times and from almost 2months we are worried about this and they are not doing anything not giving updates..and you idiot always mfing everywhere instead go and try to solve our problem we facing not by texting watever u want....

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    Have you tried using lower settings?

    //EDIT: Someone correctly mentioned, just because this is a "gaming phone", it won't do everything as you expect or treat it as it has all the brilliant things you ever ever dreamed of. At the end of the day, everything has it's limits. Remember that - it was indeed a very good comment made by the person.

  • Please stop ur nonsense we tried everything and now pubg grafics is visible on screen tired of this bye...

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    Nonsense? here is my proof (that's if you know how to read the below images) - first screenshot is the lowest settings and the second screenshot is the highest settings.

    I haven't even played a game, and within 2 minutes it shot up 2 degrees. I will let you work out how much damage you're doing to your phone if playing long hours. Burnt out the components and screen burn.

  • This is a gaming phone not a normal one ...beast. Phone they said..not played pubg ? Then plz don't talk watever u want ....

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    Here is another proof that lower graphics will help you with your heating problems.

    Both screenshots below contain lowest settings and within the same 2 minutes of doing nothing. The first screenshot is lower than my previous post and my second screenshot shows it has gone up 1 degrees. That's 3 degrees cooler than you have with high graphic settings.

    EDIT:// To answer your point Manoj, yes it's a gaming phone and it does mean you can have higher settings, but not forever. I make you run forever and you will be asking for a break at some point. Everything has a limit.

  • It's because u have air cooler behind it ..all can't afford the same plzzzzz 🙏

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    I got a transparent rubber case on and I was not charging. I didn't have air cooler on, and I do appreciate it might be expensive, but here I managed without it.

    EDIT:// I didn't even have X-Mode on and I was on 60hz refresh rate.

  • Im facing the same issue my phone goes upto 57 degree and heats up alot that i even can hold the phone i complaint about my issue they took my phone for repair they did everything they can but failed they even replaced my main board even though the issue solve im going to file the complaint against the company soon after once they reply to my mail i want unit replacement asus we done with rog phone 2 and god bless rog phone 3 totally waste of money i should have gone for OnePlus 7t ....

  • be thankful that your phone at least drops down to 26° look at mine, and i played for 30 mim of COD mobile like an hour ago it went up to 45° so i stopped, but anyways mine never goes lower than 36°

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    Are you using low graphics? With low graphics playing on COD, I can get 41 - 42 degrees with X-mode at 60hz along with the hardcore tuning within 30 minutes to 1 hour. But it doesn't sound normal to have 36 degrees when not being used, unless you're in a very hot room or in a hot country.

    I need someone who has a 12GB RAM phone who also play either COD or PUBG to see if they face this issue. At the moment, personally I am only seeing this issue on 8GB RAM phones. The only explanation I have for the restart and heating is because of the lack of RAM as your phone will be torturing itself to get more memory when it's approaching its limit.

  • I'm also recently noticing too much heating . Goes upto 45°C even though my ambient is around 26°C to 29°C

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