Rog phone 2 freeze after locking the mobile

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Hi from 5 July I'm facing this weird issue , every time I lock my phone it freeze and can't unlock my phone.

It work only after force reboot,

Wanted to check if any one else have face such issue , it's possible solution and reason.


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    It would be good to show a video of the issue.

    Is there any specific scenarios that triggers the issue? i.e. does it only happen when your phone is at high temperature? You noticed the issue more with a specific app?

  • It won't freeze if I unlock it instantly or maybe within a minute. It neither freezes when I am using it. But when I put a lock and keep it idle for a few minutes ( sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes 15 minutes), it freezes.

    I have performed factory reset too. But it freezes still when there's not a single installed app.

    When it freezes it won't power off or reboot simply by pressing and holding power button. I have to press and hold volume down + power button for 15 sec or so to perform a reboot everytime

  • Happened to mine too. Had to lock and unlock for it to response. The worst just happened to me when my phone was charging, i locked my phone. A couple of minutes tryna unlocked it and it freezes. It wouldn't response as usual. Phone was fully charged and the led still on even when i remove the charger. Keep press and hold volume up and power button for 10 seconds and still wouldn't response. Many times. Thought its best for me to leave it for 30mins or so. Screen still black and led light still on/green. Tried hold button process and finally it restarted my phone. Before all this was set to happened, my rog phone 2 keeps having black screen, while playing games(pubgm), while browsing my phone with 120hz refresh rate switched on. I tried doing the benchmark and its goes black screen again. Its annoying and i cant seem to enjoy the 120hz anymore. Sometimes when charging it goes black screen. I realise once it hit 44 degrees Celsius, it started acting up. It sure happened after the android 10 update. Please fix it. Im not sure if its a software bug or hardware. If its hardware, does it even covered under warranty?

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    I did the benchmark too but my device only went to 41 degrees celcius, after 5 minutes, it's back to 36-38 degrees.

    Does this happen while charging? (I note the LED green light is on)

    What screen lock do you have? PIN, Fingerprint, face lock, etc

    Does it happen at 90hz or 60hz screen refresh?

    Just for clarity, what version of firmware you're using?

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    It does not happen while on charging.

    On get froze when not on charging

    I had finger print lock , I have tried removing the lock as well still getting the same issue.

    I have tested this on 90 and 129 hz

    Version is - M3.23.44.9-Yoda_001522

  • @alwaysdanish I'm sending you instructions on how to log your device via PM.

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