After updating android 10 in m1...sound low, video mode not working, over heating... Is there any so

Pls reply urgently

Camera mode video capturing... No button

Sound output very much low

Over heating

Slow interface


  • Hi roy.saikat2,

    Camera mode video capturing... No button:

    After checking with relevant teams, this is the new design of ZB602KL Android 10. Thank you. 

    Sound output very much low: 

    Does this appear on wired earphone/bluetooth headphones/phone's speaker? Does this appear with media/call/ring/alarm sound? If media, what app/app version are you using? Do you have a music link you can provide as an example? What's the volume level that you feel too low? Was it lower compared to Android Pie or which version?

    Over heating

    About device heating issue in regular use, we suggest that you avoid running apps that may use much memory for a long time, for example, 3D games and video.

    Also, it's recommended that do not use your phone/tablet while it is charging.

    Please also try removing the background apps in recent app list, and check again.

    Please also check if this behavior appears in safe mode: How to Enter and Exit Safe Mode on Android phone ? | Official Support | ASUS Global

    For more information on improving the overheating behavior:

    If the problem still appears, please tell us

    Which zone is heating up (back/upper/middle/lower)

    • The app/ app version you're using
    • Were you using the app and charging at the same time? Or only charging? Only using the app?
    • How much is the ambient temperature when this appears
    • About how much is the temperature of the phone

    Slow interface

    Please tell us the detailed steps you performed/ screenshot or short video

    Thank you 🙂

  • Please let me know the solution for low volume, low brightness problems after updating to android 10 version. Both are too worst for my MAX PRO M1 Mobile. How to resolve. Help me to get the solution.

  • Hi srimathirumala,

    Low volume behavior is expected to be improved through a future firmware update.

    We will notify you once it is released.

    After checking with relevant teams,  the brightness curve is designed differently from Android Pie. It has been confirmed by relevant teams that the brightness design in Android 10 is a normal behavior. Users would not have to worry.

  • Hi roy.saikat2 & srimathirumala,

    An updated Android 10 version WW-17.2017.2006.429 has been released.

    We have improved sound volume and quality in this version.

    You may manually download from our website:

    Thank you and have a nice weekend 🙂

  • Not getting any sound from device

  • Hi roy.saikat2,

    Could you describe in more details? Are you on version WW-17.2017.2006.429 ? 🙂

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