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    You are great zen family fan.

    I not spread mis information like asus.

    Asus said STABLE UPDATE in end of March,

    Then MID OF APRIL,

    Then END OF APRIL,

    Then MID OF MAY,

    Then copy and paste "working towards giving Asus users a better experience with their devices and will continue to do the same."

    Asus already spread mis information continually.

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    First asus said ZB601KL with Android 10 upgrade plan is still under evaluation and verification and is expected to have further information before end of March, 2020 .so they did not say they will release android 10 on March they only said they will have further information in the end of March.

    On the end of March Asus said Android 10 upgrade plan postponed to end of April, 2020 due to test result did not achieve the improvement as expected I request you to please wait till the next official information. They said this in the end of March.

    On the end of April asus said We unfortunately announce that Max Pro M1 (ZB601KL) Android 10 upgrade download from website is postponed to the middle of May, 2020 due to test results are under checking to meet your expectations. they did release a beta on middle of may.

    Asus said that they are working on the feedback from the beta users.

    I don't know what misinformation asus gave,

    But there are lots of people in this forum who believe what you posted.

    I have seen a lot of people who believe you are posting in other discussion saying that asus said they have stopped working on android 10 stable because they only have few employees so they will not be giving android 10 to our devices.

    But they will keep updating our devices.

    So please don't post anything like this because you are misinforming a lot of people in this forum.

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    This company should be brought to govt notice and banned from operating in India to save Indian users.

    I have been writing almost every other day abt max pro m2 poor earpiece volume while on call , cannot understand wat the other side is saying.whichbisvtge very basic function of any phone.

    They are least bothered to fix it.Govt should act immediately for cheating Indian can we sue this company legally.

  • 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • I have been facing issue with quick step from the beginning. There has been many after that. Still asus has not even fixed that issue. Quick step stops working and totally freezes my m1 max pro for 2 min.

  • Dear Asus...

    You don't provide a Stable Android 10 in this Century.

    So, better to give updates on Android pie (Android 9) a bug free update atleast in this July.

    Don't waste time on a bug free Android 10.

    You don't deserve it.

    Thank you Asus.

    Have a Safe and Bug free Software Engineers.

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    Dear asus lovers , why don't u accept u feel ashamed of being a asus customer and regret it but u fail to accept it in mass because of ur ego. The fake teasers and bad quality service in terms of security and updates over the course of these 2 years is not hidden from any1. Money was of users, it doesn't really matters to them because its big brand but being egoistic zentalkers u r befooling urself as well as others by ur hippocracy fr asus. And u hvn't seen survey of major tech reagrding ur fav company...shares had decreased to a great value as they continued providing worst service to max pro users.

  • Asus zenfone Max Pro M1 stable developer version camera issue battery draining bahut problem hai may 082 me bhi hai issues security patch battery draining

  • I'm still waiting for my Android 10 update on Max Pro M2.

    Is this your plan to compete with other manufacturers?

  • Please update my in Android 10 update in issuing in so many problems in phone cell s better backup slow of network in jio different facing problems so find solutions in upgrade in phone stable update release today or tomorrow date release them July 2 complete date in June 20 on word's regards in upgrade phone so find solutions in upgrade Android 10 update release them

  • I am using the max pro M1 for last 2year. I feeling better than a flagship device. Good performance, Battery backup etc. The only thing that i feeling bad experience for the updation from the company. I am using the lastest beta android 10. Please provide the stable android 10 update as early as possible.


  • I don't care what information he posted I know what is truth and what is lie

  • Dear all,

    Thank you for waiting patiently with us. 🙂 ASUS will monitor user feedback and provide an update in the future. Please stay tuned with us on our website for the latest news.

    ZenFone Max Pro M1:

    ZenFone Max Pro M2:

  • Gestures are missing

    New gestures

  • Will Asus give android 11 to asus zenfone max pro m1 and m2 users. I want to say asus team owner you do not give android 10 update but give android 11 to asus users in his place.

  • Facing many minor & major issues after 092 earpiece volume no improvement notification shows 2sec late after sound..slow charging many more last not least and this was a suggestion to all M2 users use Lawnchair instead quickstep. Use it from pie 1st build😅😅

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    I think you should remove Singh from your username because it isn't for abusers.

  • Your medical condition doesn't seem to be good and you need to look up for someone who can help you grow and get a life.

    Kindly remove Singh from your name and then do what ever you want to do.

  • Sound problem is troubling in Android 10 beta version

    Asus, please please please provide android 10 stable for max pro m1

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