Feature Requests

pjaswinpjpjaswinpj Level 1
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

I would like to see the following features implemented

1. A Zen Mode similar to what OnePlus has on their phones. This feature must be enabled at the OS level. It would help with people like me who are addicted to smart phones. I have tried many apps that try to lock you out, but it is a matter of restarting the phone and disabling the app.

2. At present, most of the quick setting tiles still function when the phone is locked. This is a security nightmare.

It is possible to restart the phone, shutdown the phone, turn off the internet, put it into silent mode etc. "Find my phone" feature by Google is ineffective if someone could disable the internet when the phone is locked.

3. Please include an option to enable "outdoor mode" in the side menu that pops out when we press the volume buttons

4. Whenever an application uses the camera, the notification LED can glow red and when the microphone is accessed, it can glow yellow.


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