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(ROG2 with Android 9 is a good phone but it can be much better)

Hopefully someone at ASUS will listen.

ASUS development team, please for your next ROG phone in 2021 don't focus only on gamers, a powerful phone is very useful for 3D/2D and sound artists:

Add a multi-function stylus capable of pressure input. Right now only the Samsung Notes has this feature,

Add a STEREO microphone and a dedicated stereo input (analog or line in). Very important for sound artists especially now that Cubasis was just released for android.


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    The ROG brand is first and foremost a hardcore gaming brand for gamers and power users so don't expect them to shift focus away from that. This is also how the ROG Phone series was able to carve its niche.

    Personally though, I would like to see BASIC phone functionalities such as VoLTE and full support for North American network bands (ROG Phone II was missing some T-Mobile bands). 5G should also be polished in 2021 so it would be best if the device can support all 5G bands in North America.

    Furthermore, both dual front facing stereo speakers AND the 3.5mm headphone jack is a must for gamers, creators, audiophiles, and power users which are the demographics attracted to the ROG brand. If the leaks and rumors are true then the ROG Phone III is looking to be very disappointing due to the removal of the headphone jack.

  • Same here I'm not hard core gamer, I play light games when I get time. I chose this phone for a good everyday experience, like stereo speakers, notchless display, 3.5mm jack(big reason), etc. and I thought ASUS being in the market for many years would provide good support.

  • Thanks for your suggestions, I'll pass them forward.

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