Message to everyone who is waiting for android 10.

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Matt kro!!!

Koi fayda nhi hai. Hopes tuti ge,dill dukhe ga aur tumlog pher se forums me aker gali-vegara do ge. Kyuki hume pta hona chayie ki asus vohi gissa-mitta update degi jisme 400 se zyada bugs hogi aur kayio ke phones khrab hoge.

Dekho jo hogya so hogya, hum ies meh abb kush nhi kar sakte, chayi jitna merji forums me aaker moderators per chila lo ya gali dedo.


Bss agli baar se ies company ka phone matt lena.

[Aur jin logo ka phone abhi tak ek dam perfect chal rha hai unko mere teraf se ek ladduo ka dabba free me]


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    Why you guys saying stable update ????

    Android 10 beta 2 has very less bugs.....its like stable....i could find anything as you all said......only speaker volume is low and phone is heating sometimes.....otherwise i didn't notice any bug....for your knowledge i never use netflix or pubg so cant tell aboul L1 certificate or store device not certified also there....CAMERA QUALITY WAS ALWAYS WORST FROM OREO AND NEVER no other bug i found...

  • We want stable update through FOTA , not a manual 😏😏😏

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    A message to all of you who are waiting for android 10 update:-

    Asus can't deliver a proper stable update with 0 bugs and proper ui experience. You will get the same laggy ui after update. Most of the features you asked for will not be provided.

    So, install pixel experience on your phones. It is a wayyyyyyyyyy better rom and has wayyyyy better developer support. Also, updates will be given through ota, and updates of android 11,12,13 will also come for sure in this rom.

    I, myself waited and waited for a proper stable ui experience but Asus has failed to do so. Atlast, I shifted to pixel experience and I bet all of you will that a looootttt more.

  • is essential to backup data

    did you notice anya data lose

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    Some people are so fucked that they are still praising asus for such dumb beta version update. Please go and lick the asses of asus team would be a perfect job for you guys. Request people do not invest your hard earned money on such brands who don't evn cares for anything. They released such fucking update for max pro m2 that it faulted their motherboard during lockdown.

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    Well I'd love to install that ROM, but what about the payment apps like Gpay or Paytm, are they supported in the ROM. Pl give reply to this quote coz that would be appreciated 🙏.

  • Asus will never be able to give Android 10 stable update, nonsense company will never buy Asus phone again

  • My mobile work smoothly and as such no problem found so far as no complaint but the way they treat android 10 issue is pathetic because all other brands have already provided and asus is still not provide any is awaited since January and this is june.six month time is very long

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    wuhahahahaha. peu dipeugah sigam nyan.. android 10 stable update dari asus. preh timoh lungkee mie ilee..

    Selama dipakek stock android. update hana meujan, awai pakek zenui siat at update. penyaket asus yang golom gadoh, batre itron nyo tapake maen game walau di charge.

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    Asus se achcha ather company hai wait vi nhi karna padta updated version 10 aane me asus ka phone kvi nhi kharidunga ham fake Company hai.......ASUS tarikh pe tarikh...?

  • Without rooting , you can use any UPI application like GPay,Bhim. I am using both pixel experience and Havoc OS for more than a month. I am happy on both of it.

    To the safe side I attached a payment bank account with zero balance to all UPI apps with zero balance. I will add money only when needed. Using IMPS and NEFT to transfer money from other accounts through IB and make those PHYSICAL BANK accounts not visible to UPI.

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