audio wozard not working

mak.mahesh786mak.mahesh786 Level 2
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6
the audio wizard is not working at all, i tried to change frequencies but nothing chaning the sound. it is not worling at all, not a slight change is there.tried everything, forced stop, cleared cache and storage but it is not working


  • I guess it happening with me also.. And after changing mode in audio wizard earphone output doesn't work.. Does this happened to you also? 
  • Before update it was working fine.. 
  • yes after latest update it is not working and before sleep my battery was 56% and when i woke up i checked my battery is 49%.
  • Can you please update to WW-16.1220.1906.167 and see if this fixes your audio wizard issue? I heard about a similar issue from another user that linked it to Microsoft Intune. Do you have this on your device?
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