Drop in internet, can't download apps like netflix.. from playstore

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Hi asus, I have rog phone 2 I have some problems to say


1. I can't download some apps from playstore like Netflix and some other apps it says your phone is incompatible.

2. And there is sudden drop in mobile data and wifi as well.

3. and finally when do I get android 10.

I have put the video as I was watching movie u can see on top how much internet connection on phone.


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    1) Common solutions for Play Stores is clear cache. If that doesn't help, clear the storage but you will need to re-login onto Google again. Also, some countries do not allow Netflix too, so it's probably worth being aware of that too.

    2) What do you mean drop in mobile data/WIFI? How are you getting this information. A drop doesn't neccessary mean you have lowered internet connection, it means you're not using it as well. But that depends on how you are getting that information, so I might be wrong.

    3) Looking at previous posts, if you're still on A9, then you need to manually upgrade yourself to A10. The link to the firmware is:


    I hope that helps.

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    1.As u said to clear cache and storage it's not working. And as you (@ronald1985 ) I'm in Australia.

    2.regarding mobile data and wifi dropout there is problem with the phones network I got good wifi and mobile carrier.

    3.i have downloaded the software from asus website 2.71gb. I restarted my phone nothing popup. While doing this I have more than 90% battery as well. And I'm using Tencent version.

    If anyone can help me that would be huge help.

    Thank you

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    1) I can see Netflix is enabled under Google Play Store and that doesn't mean it's the phone. If you are certain it's fine in the country, then the only difference between us is phone as I am on global and you're on Tencent.

    2) You didn't answer the question, how are you seeing there is a dropout? Maybe I have the same issue too.

    3) If you go to settings - System - About phone and look at the software information. Check to see if you have WW or CN. Download the relevant firmware from the site and place it in the root directory of internal storage (I.e not in folder). Don't rename it or anything.

  • @[email protected] Does you phone say Tencent on the back? If it does, check which firmware you're on.

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