Planning to buy the rog phone 2 strix edition



  • Carlo GCarlo G Level 2

    Lol oneplus sucks at FPS games. It hase latency delay on screen when i play FPS games , PUBG and COD . Inplay on my OP 7 pro. Now i sold it to buy ROG 2 and it's the best decision i had done. Best for gaming you can tweak your games performance using hardcore tuning no lags in PUBG COD. And the battery is pretty solid air triggers also is very useful. Stop ranting about the ROG 2 ofcourse it has flaws just like other phone. I also use Samsung note 10 snapdragon variant the battery sucks and COD is not constant 60 fps unlike my ROG 2 60fps always. Never regret getting rog strix edition

  • I still have my oneplus 6 and let me tell you that it has 845 processor and still only have a few fps drops. It does not have any freezing issue or sound delay issue while recording. I already stated a reason of my shit talk if you have time you are free to read. Also if you want to record games you cannot in asus because of this sound delay and we need to use a 3rd party app to record.

  • Carlo GCarlo G Level 2

    Lol you're using a oneplus 6 yes. I'm talking about newer oneplus phones like oneplus 7 pro with 90hz fps 855 processor that can match with ROG 2. My OP7 pro has latency touch delay same with other users search it around the internet. Let me ask you what version of ROG 2 are you ranting and experience with? The tencent version?? Because tencent version has to many bugs and it's a shit version of ROG 2 . I'm recording now with ROG 2 and it has no issues no sound delay . My global version rog 2 also has no freezing , restarting or any kind of issue that had been mention.

  • Um i am using global version... I suggested oneplus because my previous experience with oneplus wasn't as bad as asus. Idk about newer op phones but i suggested phone based on my personal experience with oneplus. I am at latest a10 update on my rog 2.

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