Planning to buy the rog phone 2 strix edition



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    OnePlus touch latency is ultra meh

    Their audio latency is big F (150 ms for 7pro / 80-90 ms for 8pro on OOS is a joke 😂)

    Plus OOS is riddled with various issues to hell with their crap open beta/stable channels

    They didn't even bother implementing a proper one handed mode or lockscreen blur art

    Gcam development is meh as camera api restriction (you need fricking root for accessing wide angle lens and to add font too)

    Their gaming mode (fnatic or something is barebones af all you get is a call and notification blocker plus you can trigger in between games like you do with game genie)

    Zen UI has some pretty neat features that OOS doesn't have for eg: audiowizard,game genie, scheduled charging etc

    I've compared Zen UI to OOS and I'd say I wasn't impressed with what OOS had to offer it's overrated af and once you get a OnePlus phone you'll see it has bugs too and how OP rarely listens to it's community to add new features etc

    If you can afford the Samsung flagships good for you (70k+)

    Redmi is again a Chinese meme with memeui

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    Ohk I see don't mind my above comment then lol 👀

    Every OEM has issues no point ranting about someone

    Well forums are meant to rant but still I guess you get the point

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    But have you measured what is coming from your router to your phone 😂? That's my point, you have a big massive router taking in the data from outside, but your phone takes in a tiny 10, 15 mpbs. Simple physics - a large bucket of water, but you have a small tube to transfer the water to another bucket, the longer the delay you get the water from that bucket to another. That's is your lag. Because your lag is causing you not to receive all the things you need to render a screen, that's what makes it stuttering.

    Do you get lag playing Candy Crush? If not getting the lag, then your phone is taking in too much data that it cannot handle. Therefore, that is why PC is always good for gaming.

  • True about redmi but their budget phone are 10k rs which is super cheap. I mentioned cheap because they are budget phones your expectations are always low. Talking about oneplus, i still have oneplus 6 and trust me i have used the recording feature and pubg and the delay was nothing like rog 2. Rog delay while recording is on other level. Talking about ui i like rog ui as a gamer but freezing is the thing which troubles me and trust me i never had freezing issue in an old oneplus device such as oneplus 6

  • So what you are saying here is get a pc and not get a phone. I mean what the heck dude, i never mentioned pc or race cars in my comments but you keep bragging about them. Whats up with you?

  • Just an fyi the new OnePlus 8pro (55k) is riddled with issues

    Display issues/meh camera/lot of OOS bugs

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    Another for benefit on Asus after coming out from Samsung myself is that ASUS provides the firmware for you to download and it allows you to go back to previous versions if you don't like. Unless you flash your firmware and root, there's no way of stopping the annoying bloatwares that comes preinstalled. So I think it's unfair really to compare phones because each one with have their own downs and ups or ups and downs. 😁

  • I get you, yesterday i was truly pissed and started making shitty comments but now i am chill and now i got the point that devs are working but still i have been asking for months now, and all i got from them is a reply that the recorder has a limitation which cannot be fixed so we have to live with that and the phone froze so i raged so hard i was about to break it if it didnt reboot.

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    A PC, yes for gaming, why not. You can upgrade if you don't have enough power. It's the same physics with cars actually, which is why i thought it's easier to understand. The problem with phones is they have limitations, you cannot just simply ask for it to do whatever you want and expect it to work.

  • I only compared asus for the sound delay it has and it is being called the gaming phone of the year and you cannot even record with it or livestream with it unless you have its dock and an elgato capture card which most of people dont have.

  • I know it has limitations and cannot do as good as pc and i am not asking it to do any better, all i am asking is a simple fix and new updates which is not much to ask. Like seriously you still dont get my poont then plesase stop commenting. All i am asking is a normal fix for sound delay and look into freezing issue. If they fix it then look into new features and keep improving. That is what i was saying the whole time. I am not asking asus to make it comapatible with pc games like gtav or rrd2.

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    It's unfair to say it's a simple fix because it's not working for some and the others are working, so if you fix one thing, it doesn't break others too. Because this is only a forum and you don't have anyone who can physically look at your phone, they are only going off with some logs and what you guys say. What do you have as the audio source under Game Genie. Like I asked, do you get the same delay issue on another game such as Candy Crush which in comparison is smaller to PUBG or PUGB 😁?

  • This issue is confirmed by the mods themself and they denied the fix, according to them it is the limitation of the device and a big boomer for the gamers. Also no one would buy premium devices such as asus to play candy crush.

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    You didn't answer my question about what settings you have in Game Genie? If you have Microphone, turn it off and use Game as the source and see if the sound delay still happens? Unless you're talking about the sound as in you speak on the microphone. Candy Crush was an example of small games, what other games do you like except for PUBG? Try it on a smaller game to see if it happens, you never know, you might be able to proof mods here wrong too 😎

  • Tested on youtube and the same delay was observed. I use default xmode with max cpu, temp set to high and memory cleaner on. I know for the fact that the delay is not only on pubg but also on other apps. On pubg i have smooth graphics and extreme frame rate with high sound effect. I only face delay while recording or streaming with inbuilt apps.

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    I think here you make the point and as Asus people say there are hardware limitations. You need a dock which is wired to the router, Elgato etc. At least Rog 2 does have a 3.0 usb port which plugs into a dock so it has a solid passthrough of information. But the dock itself has limitations and is step behind for example from my LG C9 tv which supports streaming 4K at 120 Hz and HDMI 2.1. I believe the next generation of dock will support it and that's the one I am getting. In the meantime I have wired my home with CAT8 and HDMI 2.1 (8K) cables.

    I believe if you are a serious gamer that has a YouTube, Twitch or some other channel with loyal followers, streams live or needs to record his game in high accuracy, this is a serious issue. But for this level of performance in the phone I believe we will have to wait still. And even then at least a dock with wired connection, if not a separate video card, I believe will be essential.

  • Any Update from asus team...... have u got insects in your mouth..... just answer the queries here @Anders_ASUS

  • I have elgato and asus dock Asus ADSU001 Professional Dock Gamepad but while streaming my device reaches at 47°c temp and i dont want to set up all this hassle everytime i play a game. All i want is simple enable recording when i play game and then edit it and post it on youtube which i cannot due to sound issue as i have stated before. Talking about the settings, i have lowest possible settings in game and in armory crate for pubg but my phone still reaches 47°c when connected to dock and elgato thats why i need inbuilt feature because the heat of the phone is unbearable and i dont want my phone screen to get burned.

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