My rog 2 is facing some serious charging issue

AadishAadish Level 1
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

Since 3-4days my rog phone 2 is facing charging issue its not getting charge fastly not even at an average speed and when i charge while i use the phone the battery percentage is decreases and in normal condition when i put my phone idle for charging in 1 hour its charging only 5-10 percent..

I have also tried different socket for charging but didn't got any help..

And the battery life is again a major problem i d k why asus claim that it's an 6000mah battery i don't even think its 3500mah coz its just giving me 4-5 hours of sot on 90hz all over the day with no or bery minimal gaming. I d k how people were claimig that their rog 2 gave a backup of 2days..


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