Asphalt 9 on Rog phone 2

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Here is the screen recording of my game in multiplayer with real time info. Here you can see how the screen recording on 720p works, how air triggers work, real time info on performance. This is after playing the whole evening in X-mode settings on max, with air cooler attached and blowing on max. You can notice temperature is 40C after playing for several hours. The phone is on cable and hypercharge is working normally while playing.


  • Hi @OPC ,

    Didn't get to know what exactly the issue is here(if you intended to share it with us). Also couldn't listen to any audio in the video shared by you.



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    There is no issue. That's the point. I wanted to share how everything works fine and Asphalt obviously doesn't suffer from issues like COD or PUBG. There is no audio because I play in silence. It's just some music and generic engine sound equal for all cars. It only distracts me.

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    I can also say that I tried to play on S20 ultra and I didn't like it. Performance is the same but because of that borderless screen corner areas sensitive to accidental touches are much larger. You cannot avoid not to touch screen with palms. This refers to Asphalt and the way I hold the phone. Also the sound coming from side is much less balanced. I don't use it in game but I do in everything else. Also the usb plug in the landscape mode that Rog has. Little things that make a difference when you play 8 hours straight.

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