Rog phone 3 launch imminent (TENNA certification)

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Rog phone 3 confirmed to come with a 5800mah battery,Wifi 6,5g support,6.59' display and android 10 out of box

Other specs are still unclear

It should launch next month as per Asus's schedule


  • Why would they deacrease the battery capacity from 6000 to 5800mah

  • We are going to get less important....

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    Nice but this also going to be a flash sale or what becoz what they did in Asus rog 2 they just did flash sale and the thing is demand is more and production of phone is very less. I hope this thing won't repeat by #Asus and hope for a more stock for the consumer and for Gaming community 😁

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    If the rumors are true, then the ROG Phone III will NOT have a dedicated headphone jack. This is truly disappointing... I thought this device was marketed towards gamers and power users.

    It also seems like the ROG Phone III still doesn't support Band 71 (and quite possibly not support VoLTE in North America as well). Granted, this leak could be for the Global version rather than the North American version. The North American version might support different bands (hopefully full T-Mobile compatibility).

  • Rog 2 is shitty with its shitty software. I really feel bad whoever uses rog2 and i feel regret buying this. Never buying asus

    Shitty company

  • But I guess Rog 3 will have an ip rating tho as new renders don't show any type of vent and considering there's no jack (possibly) we might see ip certification this year

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    That is nice but fact is my phone is exposed to moisture frequently. Specifically to sweat in the back pocket of my jersey during long cycling hours. It's not that sensitive for normal usage.

  • Wow check this out no vents 👍👍👍 atleast it will be little resistant to water and also I can see little improvements in the RGB lighting 😳🔥🔥🔥

  • Wait there is vent slow down vedio and see it's like very very tinyy

  • Make a new post

    More people will see it that way

    Attach the video and pic

    Rog 3 design looks cool in my opinion

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    But it isn't necessary at all to remove the headphone jack to make a waterproof device though. The Sony Xperia Z2 which came out in 2014 had both IP58 and a 3.5mm headphone jack. It was one of the earlier Android devices that had both a headphone jack and waterproofing. I'm pretty sick of the narrative from tech companies stating that the removal of headphone jack is for the sake of waterproofing.

    As a gamer, tech enthusiast, and audiophile, I'm pretty ticked at Apple for starting the stupid trend of getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack. I've been keeping up with the ROG brand for a while (especially since I'm a PC gamer) and I would've thought that ASUS would know their demographics pretty well and not follow a dumb trend like sheep.

  • OPCOPC Level 4

    Fully agree with that. Also Samsung Note 8 and 9 had 3.5 mm jack and ipx rating. Note 9 was the best phone they ever made. After that they started to follow stupid trends from Apple, including price policy. Rog was the last resort of a phone that really makes sense.

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