My ASUS ROG PHONE II has stopped working after 4 months use.

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Hello there,

I used to be a huge fan of ROG phone 2 and this is what I get. It’s been a while that I started to report in the forum regarding the issue that I’m facing and I even tried other ways to get help but I couldn’t find any. Asus live chat support doesn’t work for people outside of U.S. ?? Why?? I regret buying this phone for real.

So let me brief what happened,

The phone was completely working fine for past 4months, recently the phone started crashing, not while I was playing games but when I was using the phone normally. I did create a post before this regarding that issue and I didn’t get any proper response from your side. I myself figured out that the phone was crashing down when it was not in X-Mode. So I started keeping the phone on X mode always. and it’s just been 3days since something worse started happening. I used to do live stream through ROG PHONE II. and for the past 3days my phone was crashing down every time I opened Omlet arcade to stream. I was thinking the issue was with Omlet arcade so I uninstalled the app. And played a few times it was all good for a day. Yesterday it happened to crash again. So I made a report here again. And someone asked me to either give my phone to the nearby asus service centre or do factory reset. Well I’m in the Middle East, and there’s no mobile dealership for Asus here so I did a factory reset hoping that it’ll fix the issue. But nope, and today the new android 10 update came for the phone so I updated the phone and was expecting everything to be fine. But instead the games started working so bad, framedrops and game freezing issues. I went a test live stream after that to see if I can try to show you how it breaks off.. I can share you the link here if that helps. The phone went off in between the live and until now it hasn’t come back on. I need help, I want to know how can I get this sorted out.


  • I'm not sure what you mean about using messengers here. Do you mean you tried to report this issue on ZenTalk earlier with a different account name?

    If your phone isn't turning on after the update and being fully charged, then you should contact your regional Support. If there is no regional Support where you live, then you need to contact the region where the phone was sourced from. For example, if the phone is from Hong Kong, you would need to contact HK Support to get an in warranty repair.

  • I purchased it through eBay, and the seller was from United States. There’s one year warranty for the device, are you telling me that I need to send it back to U.S for repairing? And keeping all that aside, how is such a so called best gaming phone just crashed down and not turning on again? Talking about contacting the regional team, The livechat doesn’t let me use it because I’m from different region. There is no way I can get help from the Asus team? This is not a minor issue, like what ? The phone crashed down after 4months usage. ??

  • Bro I sympathize with you completely , i feel bad that it's a one in thousand case and it turned out to be yours but Asus guys having been posting since day one that ROG 2 has to be bought and serviced from the authorised regions only multiple time . And your phone issue is something that definitely has to be physically checked. You took a big risk by buying a product that doesn't have service support in your country but it was known information and known risk .

    Try contacting your nearest authorised Asus centre and see if there are alternative options like sending them the phone by courier or something .

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    This is all correct and clear. But that means that a lot of us could not buy it at all. So we bought the phone from US or elsewhere in good faith that everything would be fine.

  • I have purchased it from eBay only after contacting ASUS customer care in United States. I did ask them if I can purchase the phone from the ASUS store in US and the lady there told me that it may not work in my country as it has country lock.(I’m not sure what that means). So she suggested me to buy it from eBay as I don’t have any other choice.

  • Yes, I'm telling you that your phone needs to be repaired in its warranty region. Since you bought from a third party seller I can double check that the US is actually the correct region, quite a few sellers in the US are sourcing phones from Asia.

    Basically, you would need to send it to the repair center in the United States, and provide a return address in the US as well. We do not ship internationally. Since you have no local support that could even do an out of warranty repair for you that's the only option.

    I'll send you a PM so we can verify your warranty region.

  • Okay, I’ll send you the serial number and other details via PM.

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    I haven't got a solution yet, why are you people being so hard to contact ? LP_ASUS told me that my phone’s warranty region is HONG KONG, and they don’t have the parts for the phone in U.S. So far that I was told there is only two versions of the phone, which is the Global & Tencent Version. And I’m pretty much sure I’m using the Global version of the phone. Now I have a question, why are there different parts in different region phones. And why am I not getting any help now after they found out my phone’s region is HONG KONG? Like isn’t it still ASUS? I’m struggling here to get some help and you guys are doing pretty bad here. I have mailed the technical team regarding this and it hasn’t got any reply yet. Is there a legit customer service for ASUS?

    *fed up*

    For those who don’t know what’s the issue happened with my phone. The phone literally blacked out while using and the phone hasn’t come back on yet. It has been 5 days now. My phone has 1 Year Warranty and it has only been 4months since I’ve bought the phone. I was not provided with any contact source even by the mods here yet, even after sending PM to him/her.

  • If your phone is from Hong Kong, then you need to contact ASUS support in Hong Kong to get it fixed. It doesn't matter that the seller is based in the US. If the seller has grey imported from Hong Kong then ASUS USA has nothing to do with that phone. You should be able to demand that your seller helps you but ebay and china store sellers will normally dodge any responsibility so your best hope is to contact ASUS Hong Kong directly.

    Select Hong Kong as your region but in the problem description you write which country you're from. They will most likely not pay for shipping outside of Hong Kong but it will still be the cheapest way for you to get your phone repaired.

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    Hey mazzzqatar

    I've got the same exact issue it happend this morning would you please be able to update me on how you've gone?

  • They are terrible at customer service dear. I was advised to contact the Hong Kong division and when I called them they asked me to take the phone there by hand because they do not accept any courier or any other methods for service. I bet I can buy an Apple iPhone 11Pro Max if I could afford that trip to HONG KONG just for getting my phone repaired. I have told them the same and they said yes they understand but that is the only choice they have for me. Such a shame to ASUS. I love this phone but they have a terrible customer service.

    If you want to know what I did with the phone, I had it checked with a local phone repair specialist who opened and figured out that it was the phone battery’s issue which caused the problem. He told me that the battery got bulged, and everything else seems fine. So maybe if I change the Phone’s battery everything should work fine. So I called them again to see if they can send me the battery alone, but again I was left disappointed, they said they don’t sell any parts of the phone like that. If I have to get it repaired I must send it to them by hand. Like what the hell is going on with ASUS ? Every other phone has their BATTERY available in the market if they need it to be replaced but ASUS doesn’t seem to have one? I still have 7month left on my warranty and This happened after 4months of use. I will no longer be able get a warranty claim (as per the warranty conditions) “if at all” I go to HK and give the phone for repair since I have got it opened by a technician here.

    And if you want to know what I did with the phone? I love this phone so I didn’t dump it, I still have it safely kept inside my suitcase waiting until this epidemic gets over so that I can send it to a closest ASUS service center by hand in my region just to get the battery changed.

  • Considering your situation with Corona and everything which would result in expensive shipping. I think the best solution for is to purchase a battery from ebay/aliexpress and let your local guy fix it. If he's right then this will be by far the cheapest and fastest solution.

  • I checked on eBay for the battery, and googled it too, I couldn’t find any source selling it. If you can help me with a source it would be great.

  • @MazzzQatar check it out at AliExpress app....

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    so far this is the only one I’ve found on Ali Express. Can someone tell me if this a Genuine one?

  • I've received the battery I ordered online and replaced it, but the phone is still dead. And the local technician had a detail check on the phone and told me that the only possibility that remains is the HDD IC Failure. Tell me one good reason for what might have happened? The phone was working all normal and I used the phone very careful. This is something which I still can't believe, A brand new phone after 4 months of use, stops working due to HDD IC Failure. Since I haven't received any sensible replies from the HK branch of yours. Does anyone here mind helping me? I even lost the warranty of the phone since I tried to replace the battery locally, that too because they left me no other choice. The branch you directed me to contact gave me one choice, and that was to take the phone to HK by-hand, which was pretty much dumb thing I have heard in my whole life, come on? I can afford another ROG 2 phone and still have cash left with that expense. I feel humiliated in-front the people I know, because everyone did suggest me to buy an iPhone and I still chose to buy ROG 2 .

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