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kowshik diamondkowshik diamond Level 2
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why does the Aeroactive cooler 2 stops when the phone screen is off??

Can it be turn on during screen off also so that the phone will be cool during charging also.


  • Anders_ASUSAnders_ASUS Level 6
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    It's not possible and we have no plans to make it possible. The cooling effect from the fan would have almost no effect on the battery temperature during charging so there's no point doing this.

  • Carlo GCarlo G Level 2

    How do Aero Cooler works? I don't understand the technology of it. Where the air cool goes? I can feel that it's only blowing air off at the sides and the padding inside is not cool neither.

  • The AeroActive cooler 2 blows air to the phones surface which has no direct connection to the CPU. Because of this It can only lower the system temp a little bit but what it mostly does, is to cool your fingers.

  • OPCOPC Level 4

    In my case (Asphalt 9) it reduces temperature 3 to 4 deg C, according to the real time monitor. Which is amazing. When things get tough and I need to play 7, 8 hours consecutively it's a game changer. I don't have to put my phone in the freezer at -7 C for 10 minutes every 2 hours like I did with previous (premium) phone. The best accessory after the bumper case!

  • Carlo GCarlo G Level 2

    Okay gotcha, but what to do for extreme heating on the sides? The sides it mostly i felt the heat even I'm not gaming . I always experience this .my phone is too hot to touch and my hands are feeling the heat it kinda hurt sometimes. Is this software issue? can this be fix . I just updated to Android latest 10 WW

  • OPCOPC Level 4

    There must be an issue with the phone. After A10 update my phone was running cooler than before by 2-3 deg C. I don't need the aeroactive cooler now as much as I did before! I had multiple A10 issues reported here and eventually solved by factory reset and updates. But lower operating temperature was the benefit noticed immediately. That is my experience at least. With the aero cooler attached my phone is very pleasant to hold for hours. My skin gets very dry. No sweaty fingers. In Armoury Crate my cooler is set to max blowing all the time.

  • Carlo GCarlo G Level 2

    Bro me too. I already did factory reset it seems fix the heating issue on my device. Its kinda weird because you will not expect heat issue from a software . Now my device seems to be normal. I just hope they add more features and other theming for the ROG UI .

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