Could I trade in the rog phone 2

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I like the asus rog phone 2, but I should not have spent the 1000 dollars that i had on it. But I just dont like it as a gamer honestly I really dont like it, It should not have been 1000 dollars that was for the 512gb version. So Is there anyway I can trade it in for money back


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    Yes I can get similar performance with cheaper sd8150 aka 855 device or even lower or mid end. I totally agree with what you say this phone performance is nothing different from cheaper 855 device. The different is we can set kernel cpu freq and stuff like ddr without root. And TBH I'm a kernel developer for some device. Most of the stuff to tweak the game performance will not have a big impact on game. I tested touch response latency ms for 60hz 90hz 120hz with other brand device TBH is same. Marketing gimmick. If possible to trade back the money I would like to do so.

  • No, ASUS does not offer trade-ins as a part of our warranty coverage. For straight value, selling it used is the best way to recoup cash if you really don't want to use it anymore.

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