Does Asus 6Z support the SNEP protocol and Android Beam??

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Does Asus 6Z support the SNEP protocol?

What about Android Beam? Didn't find it anywhere in settings. Is that an indication that it doesn't support Android Beam or am I missing something?


  • kikolykikoly Level 5
  • Oho, must've been the firmware update. Not sure if it's that or Google's fault.

    Thanks for the link, but no, I'm not sharing files. Rather, I'm trying to get 2 Android NFC capable devices to send messages to each other.

  • Hi @mnongkhlaw

    Yes supports NFC SNEP

    Tap two phones together and it will recognize each other, and you can share content as well

    It bridges the BT connection. So u don't have to connect manually

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