Heating issue and battery drain



  • JerJer Level 1

    In Zenfone max pro m2 there also other issue and the scariest one is emmc dead issue! When will you give us stable update?

  • tamal46tamal46 Level 1

    Same issue happening for me. Draining too much charge and phone is always staying heated. When adapter plugin its overheated too much. The charge is draining like hell, not able to charge 100% as it is too much overheated that scare to give more charge. On ideal condition also its staying much heated. I think after the update this happened. Please fix this problem ASAP

  • Had the same problem though I've tried 'wipe cache partition' as well as calibrate the battery and so far it seems to be the fix for me as well as give my phone a performance boost. I recommend giving these a try.

    How to Wipe Cache Partition:

    In the first step turn off the smartphone by holding the Power key for a few moments.

    In the second step start pushing + for a couple of seconds.

    • Release the when the logo pops up.
    • When Recovery Mode pops up let go of Volume Down.

    In this mode choose "Wipe cache partition" by using Volume keys to navigate and the Power button to accept it.

    • When the process end select  and press the once.
    • Well done!
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