Android 10 Stable Update

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Which date on release Android 10 Stable update for asus zenfone Max pro m2 & m1 ?

Please tell us the exact date.


  • Hi Nirmal984,

    Sorry, we don't have information regarding the update date to share at this moment.

    The latest Android 10 beta version for Zenfone Max Pro M1/M2 can be downloaded on ASUS official support website.

    ASUS will continuous provide regular update on Android 10 beta version:

    If you have any recommendations or face any issue, please provide your feedback on Asus forum (Link:

    Please read the terms and conditions associated with the beta version before updating your Max Pro series model.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused. For further updated information related to updates, please stay tuned with our social media channels or visit our Asus support website. 

    Thank you for your continued support and patronage.

  • Same answer since last 45 days

    When will they come up with it? It has been approximately 9months since A10 release. Hope they give a stable bugfree update soon....atleast by end of this month

  • विश्व की सबसे खराब प्रदर्शन असूस बकवास

  • Very Bad experience from Asus! Android 11 is launch soon but we does not get Android 10 stable update in ZENFONE MAX pro M1 and M2! It is my fast and last time in ASUS!

  • No one in this world has any information about it.

  • I don't normally hate on a company for delaying updates...but this is just too much. There's people who have created stable custom ROMs based on android 10 for max pro m1 and m2. Adding Insult to injury, is the fact that those coders have already started working on android 11 custom ROMs based on the betas and developer previews out there...makes you wonder what kind of engineers does Asus hire, and why is it still paying them because even in the past when you guys have released "stable" updates, they weren't completely free of bugs.

    After all, when asus ditched the ZenUi, in favour of this "stock" UI, one of the reasons was ease of updates. Whatever happened? Really disappointing.

  • Still Asus is busy in developing Android 9 stable version.

    In the ending month of August Asus may be launch Android 10 stable version

  • #Boycootasus shame on asus engeeneers

  • I replaced my mobile phone from asus to realme because of not giving even stable update in a single time...

  • What sort of update do u even desire to roll out. First of all my sincerest request would be to provide an update to reduce the bugs.

    You asus people only know how to please and appease the customers who purchase flagship tech. Ones who purchase low end like asus max pro1 and m2 have no value.

    You guys are simply pathetic. Can't even release a stable update with minimal bugs and demand money from us for the mistakes u make.

    Extraordinarily pathetic sevice and full of blunders. I should have purchased nokia or samsung. Remember asus ur customers are simply watching.

    The fantastic sales that you had for ur devices won't ever be the same if u continue this pathetic service without property investing into R&D and software development and also to have adequate team with designated skills to bring in features

  • i was flashed custom rom..

    warranty is already void ...its been a year and 2 months ...

    bootloader unlocked ..warranty go to hell..

    Gaming is High priority for me... i think it is not of asus.

    Hey Asus ...fick

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