Google Chrome reinstalls itself

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As the title says, even if I disable the app and remove it from the phone, google play store will have it pop up wanting an update and I'll find that the app has reinstalled itself.

Anyway to permantly remove or disable this app?

Thank you.


  • Try disabling it, then restart your phone. Sometimes Google Play Store won't realize it's disabled and want to update it.

  • Generally speaking, no. It is part of the GMS and system package. This is the Android behavior, and Asus as a vendor cannot override it.

    If this is a key concern we do offer the option of unlocking bootloader, with everything else that entails. Caveats and all.

  • @Volodesi I sadly have tried that amongst other solutions but it seems to be stuck into the OS.

    @CH_ASUS I thought that was the case, but wanted to ask to see if I could remove it. I'm not overally fussed by it but wanted to see if there was a solution.

    I will remain with a locked bootloader until official support ends.

    Thank you both for the help.

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