Asus becomes an verified unity engine partner

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Most android games (codm,pubgm) have been made using unity engine

A partnership between Asus and unity means better in engine optimisation for Rog and better compatibility with Asus proprietary stuff (air triggers) and various accessories

Asus Rog phone 2 and 3 SDK will be open source to all the developers using unity engine for their games

That's a great news for both the upcoming Rog 3 and the Rog phone 2

It's good that Asus decided to include the Rog 2 in the program too


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    This is honestly a really great move! This is the kind of stuff that I was really hoping ASUS would pull off. A collaboration with Unity would help with optimizing multiple games for ROG Phones. All past, present, and future games made with Unity would now be able to take advantage of ROG hardware (assuming the developers enable it of course).

    Now I'm really looking forward to a 5G compatible ROG Phone III (hopefully with VoLTE and adequate band support) when it comes out. If it keeps the 3.5mm headphone jack then it's a must buy for me.

    Great work ASUS team! 👍️

  • ROG 3 comparability with twin dock 2 also is essential... I don't want to buy new peripheral all the time

  • Fix the right trigger issue.

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    Hope Asus will work with Tencent's game on global version device as well.

    China's moba game is really addictive even I can't read chinese,i totally in love with the game.

  • Latest version of war games crashes when using twinview dock 2... So angry I bought this overpriced Accessory

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    I would rather ASUS keep the Tencent bloatware/spyware in the Tencent Edition and away from the Global versions. Part of the ROG Phone's appeal is having a near stock and clean installation of the Android operating system. There's a reason why the Tencent Edition is cheaper.

    Tencent is also NOT a game engine company. Some of their games like Call of Duty: Mobile and Arena of Valor are developed through the Unity game engine, meaning that any games Tencent developed under that engine can be optimized WITHOUT Tencent's malware. If ASUS also partners with Unreal Engine then you can expect other Tencent games like PUBG Mobile to also be optimized.

    If all versions of the ROG Phone III have Tencent's malware preinstalled than I'm either not buying it or install a custom OS. The risk of breaking my device is worth the removal of Tencent bloatware.

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    What about unreal? Or is that engine not big in the Mobil game industry?

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    When developing games specifically for mobile, most developers in the industry prefer the Unity Engine over Unreal Engine because it's more lightweight and is also better for developing 2D games. Unreal Engine is powerful and is definitely the engine of choice for developing AAA titles but not so much for mobile titles.

    The kind of mobile games I think of that makes use of Unreal Engine are games that are originally developed for PC and consoles that are then given a mobile version. Examples would be games like Fortnite and ARK: Survival Evolved which were developed in Unreal Engine 4 for the PC and consoles first and then put on mobile later on.

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    What I have heard is that unreal is better overall but it's harder to master and that's way unity is more common.

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    While I only had experience with developing on Unity, I did know people who worked on both game engines that told me they're very similar to pick up and learn. Unreal Engine being more difficult to master than Unity isn't an excuse for anyone talented enough to work as a programmer in the game industry. In fact, there are many working in the game industry that are talented enough to build their own engine (using third party engine saves time and resources however). Developers refusing to use available tools because it's more difficult to master has no place working in the game industry. It's always important for game developers (as well as software engineers) to keep themselves up to date and be ready to learn whatever tools are available at their disposal if it will result in a better product. If Unreal Engine is overall better than Unity for mobile games then that's what developers would have worked on.

    The main reason Unity is preferred for mobile development is simply because of how "heavy" Unreal Engine is. Unreal Engine has features that mobile devices can't take full advantage of compared to PC and consoles. Most developers prefer Unity for smaller scale projects while preferring Unreal Engine for larger scale projects. Hence why most mobile games are made with Unity while most AAA games are made with Unreal Engine.

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