Redish tint shift when switching from 60 to 90hz or 120hz

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Hi i noticed a redish tint shift when switching from 60hz to 90h or 120hz . I noticed this when i have a dark gray background . It's normal color dark gray when on 60hz but when i try to switch to 90hz it becomes redish and to 120hz again it will little worst the redish tint. Any solution with this? Thankyou very much.


  • Welcome to the club brother. This has been complained hundreds of times but we got no proper response from Asus. Now we are just living with it.

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    Yes i just saw it with other comments , they say it has something to do with OLED panels pushing higher refresh rate. Minor solution is up the phone's brightness . It annoys me because I'm comfortable with 30+ brightness . But it's all good. I hope they can manage to fix or do something in future updates.

  • All we got from Asus is that all OLEDS have this and they are ok because even other brands have it. Meanwhile my LG V30 with OLED and my friend's Samsung with AMOLED have zero issues. Asus just doesn't care. They swept it under the rug.

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    It's an issue with oled panels reported widely with all phones that launch with 90/120 hz refresh rates

    Slightly more on 120hz panels, basically the higher the refresh rate the more prominent the tint is

    Oneplus 8pro/7pro,Rog 2,pixel 4,S20 ultra all high refresh rate phones have it but the 8pro has a lot of other widely reported display issues too (just google em + I've seen widespread reports on their tg grp and it's worser compared to Rog)

    As long as the tech doesn't improve tint is here to stay on amoleds

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    Thanks now i know . I also use oneplus 7 pro , and i didn't notice this red tint issues at all only on dark lockscreen. I hope Asus do something with this with software updates like make a color adjustment to Grey colors when switching higher refresh rates

  • All Asus gave us was excuses that even other brand's OLEDS have this, mean while my old LG V30 with OLED and my friend's Samsung with AMOLED has zero issues. Asus has red tint even at 60hz. Asus just swept entire issue under the rug and kept calm. They're just trying to convince that this is OLEDs shortcoming even though a lot of other OLED phones are fine.

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    *High refresh rate panels bruh

    Last time I checked v30 had an 60hz display

    Just read OnePlus's response 😂

    First they said it's an software issue we'll issue an fota then they backtracked and said it's "characteristic property of OLED" (which it is)

    Then they issued an so called fota all which did was have pure dark UI elements (just like Rog) they had grey UI elements before

    Cos tint is more noticeable in grey areas

    Tint,color shift/uniformity/burn in, these all are the downsides of an OLED just read up on the tech

    You get popping colors,deep blacks at the cost of those

    It's all organic individual pixels after all

    It won't be solved till a new tech comes (micro led for instance can be a viable alternative but still it's a long shot for now)

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    Which part of " Asus has red tint even at 60hz " did you miss bruh? Atleast they (OnePlus) tried addressing with changing grey areas into black. Asus had been dead silent for a long time until it went out of hands.

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    Asus has been using black UI areas after A10 update

    + Rog has themes just apply a dark theme

    Yeah tint is present at 60hz too as high hz panels are calibrated that way

    60hz will have tint too but less compared to let's say 90 or 120

  • I'm not on Android 10, so no idea about issue post update. My phone has very noticeable tint even at 60hz. I feel quality of hardware plays a role, we just can't blame tech for not being mature. Just asked a friend who has 7T Pro to check and his unit is tint free, even at 90hz. I know Oneplus had Green tint issues but I don't think its as wide spread as ROG 2.

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    Actually 7t/8pro by OP were the phones with the worst QC especially the display and it's pretty much widespread I've seen first hand accounts (screenshots) on their chat groups

    Plus update to A10 as I've seen some comments about how tint is less noticeable for them on A10 I dunno why maybe cos Asus uses black theme for most parts of the UI now

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    I have used OP7 pro and the screen has delay latency specially on FPS games like CODM , PUBGM i really noticed it compare to when I'm playing to my iPad.

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