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Good day!

Just asking if there's an issue on messenger app on asus phones? Me and my mom are using asus phones we're experiencing same problem in messenger app everytime a new chat comes, it always automatically opens the chat heads even tho we're not clicking on it but my nephew and my brother are not experiencing that kind of issue and they're using a different type of phone.


  • Hi mhic25

    Thank you for your asking. Since my device doesn't appear this issue, please try some stay-at-home troubleshooting tips below

    1. Check your notification setting in Messenger, is there any different between yours and your brother's?

    Messenger>Notification & sounds>Manage notifications

    2. Check your Messenger version, is it the latest version? Which version?


    If the issue remains, please provide:

    1. Model Name: Settings>System>About phone

    Refer to the link below to check the model name by model no. in the link

    2. Your current firmware version

    Setting >System>About Phone>Software information

    If you try to update to the latest version, does the issue still remain?

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