Calls not received. Texts delayed.



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    yesterday i missed a text while i was still in the conversation with the person. i only noticed when i happened to check the t-mobile digits app. now that was weird lol.

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    I'm here to legitimise your query; not deny it. I'm not a typical fanboy of any brand. I face similar sms delay problem so I admitted it. I have had fast charging issue but it is sorted after using third party adapter and cable but still I have little problem with charging but that's okay.

    Currently, the biggest bug is the assesibility bug which automatically turns off my Total Security App by default no matter what I do.

  • You're right. It seems like I had a missed call on the 26th and then on the 29th. They show up in the Digits app but not in the stock calling app. Guess I'll have to depend more on Digits to not miss calls.

  • I tried turning off mobile data entirely yesterday to test the idea that the mobile radio was being used for data and without VoLTE could not simultaneously be used to receive a call. This morning I had another WebEx call that ended up in voicemail as the phone never rang for it.

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    I'm also having the missed calls and text issue on TMobile. Hopefully this is corrected soon.

  • Hi @LP_ASUS - I'm also having the same issues as mentioned above in this thread. I am also T-Mobile - sometimes calls go straight to voicemail and my phone doesn't show the call at all, I have definitely missed text messages or received them way later than originally sent. It's starting to get annoying having to wonder if I'm missing calls, text messages or not. I am interested in this test form that you have.

  • I've been experiencing same thing for a while with my 5Z. When I called T-Mobile yesterday they replied my phone was a 2G model and incompatible with their Network

  • I have had this issue since june 2019 when I bought Zenfone 6. If I put it on 4G and mobile data off I can not recieve calls from other mobile phones. With mobile data on I can recieve calls. I have to put it on 2G/3G to make it work normally for calling without mobile data. I am on ICE in Norway, so its not only in the US this is happening.

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    so I missed an important call this past Friday and several others before that. it happened while I was on wifi at home. today I did a text message mfa that came through ok but about 5mins later I did it again from the same site and the text didn't come through. I waited about 30secs then turned off wifi on my phone and the text immediately came through. I turned on wifi and decided to try again and the text immediately came through. I stayed in the same spot of my house the whole time.

    so confused.

  • Yep. I've tried many things to test and not one of them can reproduce 100%. Clearly a firmware bug, but where exactly is hard to say.

  • I have found multiple times just by trying things out of annoyance that if two factor authentication sms codes are delayed that I will get it within seconds if I turn off wifi. Once it comes through I turn it back on.

  • dt808dt808 Level 2

    whats weird is i had done the 2 factor auth from the same site just a few mins before and the text came through almost immediately with wifi on. then i logged out and tried to log back in and the text didn't come though until i turned off wifi. like it's playing with my emotions 😂😭

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    today, the only calls I can make with my US ZF6 are through messengers like facebook (via phone data & wifi)

    Phone calls get stuck in dialling and die before I hear a ring tone.

    SMS and MMS messages aren't sent, even when marked Urgent.

    SMS reception is delayed by close to an hour.

    Network provider is T-Mobile


  • dt808dt808 Level 2

    hi there is currently a t-mobile problem affecting s lot of people nationwide. it's been going on for several hours now and still has not been fixed. Google t-mobile outage. there are still call and text problems on t-mobile using the zenfone 6 but this time it's all on t-mobile lol.

  • To the contrary, just because T-Mobile is actually experiencing a real problem doesn't mean the phone is magically at fault for nothing.

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    What is wrong with you ASUS!!!! Phone worked fine with Tmobile in Texas. Then with android 10 if WIFI was on it would usually not receive incoming calls. Finally got APN setting right. Now with latest update I can't receive a call or a TXT!!!!! I can only make a phone call. Can't seem to downgrade through boot loader menus. Get an error that it is not a newer update. WTF am i supposed to do??? This is ridiculous!!! I have ASUS motherboards video cards etc ...thinking I am not going to be buying an ASUS product ever again. Your tech suppoort is crap. Tech I spoke to said I needed the box or sticker to give him the serial number!!!

  • I too noticed today that i am missing texts via social network apps. I gotta unlock the phone and go through the app by myself for it just to be refreshed with the received messages. If the device is on standby doesnt ring, notifies or throw any alert whatsoever!

  • "Texts via social network apps"? If you're referring to Twitter, Messenger, etc., those are not texts and are entirely unrelated to this thread. If you're using said apps to read SMS, of course they'd be affected. This isn't a problem with an app. It's a problem with the 4G/LTE firmware functions.

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