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  • Unfortunately the ROG Phone II does not have an international warranty. In order to get warranty service you'll have to return to the region where the phone is warrantied, which in your case sounds like the US. If that is a possibility in the future, I recommend having the phone serviced to repair the Air Trigger issue.

  • theevilheretheevilhere Level 1
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    I have the same issue with right air trigger, it flickers

    I am attaching a video of the issue, first i test the left one which works fine, then i test the right one and you can see the issue.

    Please help to fix this issue

    This happened after an update, i sent my phone to service center and they downgrade the software and it worked fine, then i was enforced to update again and i received multiple updates after that and no fix for this issue.

    Please advise

  • Hi, I'm also facing similar issue with my right air trigger.

    Is there any update coming yet?

  • gonzaa.92's issue was hardware related. If you are having the same problem, please reach out to your local ASUS service center for a warranty repair.

  • Strangely enough, the issue only seem to persist when using the Aero Case. Will update when I can conduct more tests! ?

  • My right air trigger starting flicker, glitch efter updating tog A10. Anyone having same issue or it is solved?

  • Yes, i have the same problem playing COD, when your airtrigger Glitch lock screen and unlock this is solution for me

  • I am also facing the same problem. It flickers. I have my scope on set on the right trigger. Whenever I try to use it starts flickering ans scope gets in and out very fast.. seems it's not working properly but the left trigger which I use for firing is absolutely fine. Please help.

  • aabs22aabs22 Level 1

    Facing the same issue as well all of a sudden today. Really annoying. Mine is probably hardware issue as I had updated to A10 stable like a month back and I started facimg this issue just today. Amd the infamous Screen Burn-in is back.

  • I have the same problem burn-in

    Screen Call of Duty battle Royale mode

  • aabs22aabs22 Level 1

    Yeah get the screen replaced under warranty in Asus SVC. After that make sure you dont game long hours on max brightness in your Gaming phone lol.

  • Same problem just starting doing it today and also I get a warning notification "USB connector temperature is too high" unplug now ?? But on side port it's fine

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    I'm facing same freaking issue,they told me to reset factory phone in order to solve right air trigger I tried that it solves it just for 10 mintues after that it's flickering again I'm so frustrated .. heating and power is also an issue but right now air trigger is a big problem since I'm used to it while gaming

  • @samihotak2 we're tracking this issue and it would be helpful if you could provide a device log. If you're up for it I can send you instructions on how to do that via PM.

  • I'm having issues with my right air starts flickering in game I have my fire buttons on it sometimes it does not even fires and sometimes it fires but won't stop...can anyone help me with this issue.

  • I'm facing these exact same issues as well.

  • I haven't got any official reply from asus... Now my phone gets switch off anytime all of a sudden.. and even my usb cable doesn't support fast charging. I m using some other cable to get the fast charging. If I use the asus original cable then it take 1day to charge full. I tried using the asus cable to connect on my pc but it shows only charging n no option to transfer file or anything. So I beleive the problem is in the cable not on the charger as charger is giving fast charging when I use some other fast chary cable.... But the switch off problem is annoying. Sometime while gaming, sometime while charging and sometime while on call.. o don't know what to do as even lockdown is there.. please help me my device is just 4 or 5 months alll @asus

  • jrazorfgpjrazorfgp Level 1
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    I have the same problem. So annoying! I really regret buying this phone.

  • Same problem to me, impossible to play fps games at this time. If it's not going to be fixed, ill go to warranty with option to get back money if its still persists. Yea, right air trigger flickers when u touch it. Paid 750 euros for that? What the hell!!?

  • Também passo pelo mesmo problema, comprei o meu rog phone 2 não tem um mês, e já está com esse problema no Air trigger, desliga sozinho, muito irritante!!!

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