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So, I have a Rog Phone (1st gen), supposedly new in box coming in a couple days. Wondering what steps I should take in getting it up to date as it's probably been sitting around awhile. (Wish I could have afforded the Rog phone 2, but I kinda have to take what I can get.)


  • Got my phone, updated firmware to the latest, it's working great and I've got the gamevice controller for it coming soon. Looking at getting the charger for it as it came with a non-US charger and an adapter which works ok, but I'd like to get the dock and I read somewhere that it needs the US charger to work.

  • While I'm at it, does anyone know if the Rog Phone 2 mobile desktop dock will work with the Rog Phone 1? Seems very difficult to find the older dock.

  • I feel sorry to inform that you have purchased a phone full of bugs. You'll start complaining soon. If you still have an option to return the phone do it quickly.

  • Not helpful.

    Thus far my phone hasn't had any issues even with a fair amount of use over the last few days. Now perhaps if I paid original retail for it, I might find it lacking, but since I've been stuck with sub-$100 phones for the last few years, having something like this for only $300 is quite nice.

    Now back to my question of 'can this phone work with the Rog Phone 2 mobile desktop dock?'

  • I'll leave this question for the moderator to answer. Hopefully they'll answer this after an year.

  • Well, at this point I'll have an answer tomorrow since the dock will arrive then.

  • And the dock does work. I've heard there are some changes but from the inserts in the package it looks like they just repackaged it.

  • Hi TesseractSpace,

    Thank you for your asking. Mobile Desktop Dock (ROG), Professional Dock, WiGig Dock could be used with ROG and ROG2, the other Gaming Accessories could not share in both models. Thank you for your continuous support and patronage.

  • I figured as much. Again, I truly wish I could afford the latest and greatest from Asus but even a the stuff that's a generation or two behind is still better than what I had been using and my gen 1 Rog Phone has been an absolute delight. (Considering my old phone had a snapdragon 450 and maybe 2gb ram, having an 845 and 8gb is a big improvement.)

  • Am glad it's working fine. You see when they post a comment? After you confirm it's working. That's how it works here. Welcome to Asus family.

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    @TesseractSpace I recently got a ROG Phone as well, but I can't update the firmware. I am stuck on Oreo (android 8.1.0). The phone doesn't find any updates automatically. Tried to download from support pages manually, but the phone fails fast with message just saying it failed... How did you update your phone and what version are you on now?

  • What I did was follow what I had seen elsewhere in this forum in a response from ASUS is upgrade in the following order.


    At some point it started picking up the OTA updates and now it's on the latest version.

  • Thank you @TesseractSpace ! I was on WW-15.1618.1810.77, but when I first downloaded WW-15.1630.1907.98 manually the phone started to pick up the updates after that. Now I am on Android 9 and have the latest version!

    Thank you again!

  • Why? After so many bad reviews and poor support you still decide to buy this phone? Lol

  • Because it was the best spec I could get for the price. Not everyone can drop over a grand on the latest Samsung or high end iPhone.

  • It's been great. Especially once I got things like the dock and game ice controller. I keep hearing how buggy and awful the phone is but I haven't had any problems.

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