ROG PHONE 2 Suggestions (Repost)

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1. I've seen how powerful the RGB light is right below the flashlight, i'm talking about the second flash light. Please add an update so we can control it. I know asus made it for the exclusive lightning cases but please don't make that light useless. I encourage you to release an update so we can atleast use the other flashlight. It will be super cool! I bet all the users will like that tweak in the system.

2. Add an update that gives us more control over the device such as use the air trigger press gesture combined with sliding gesture so we can use both gestures on each trigger. It will be awesome to have more button combination in air triggers for better experiance.

3. Add an update to fix lag in pubgm, cod and all other games. I know asus already released updates to make these games stable but there is still a need of improvement in these.

4. Fix slutteryness in games like pubg and cod, i found a feature which might help you fix sultteryness in games which is the nubia red magic 5g feature, touch choreographer.

I hope asus can take inspiration from other devices to improve their users experience. Add a feature which locks fps at 30,60,90 or 120 so we don't experience lags in game, am not talking abiut fps drops but slutteryness in games like rough movements. It will be a useful feature if you can add it in senerio settings in armory crate so we can lock our fps.

5. Add an advanced battery management settings which can save battery more efficiently. I think this 6000 mah battery can last really long if software is improved.

6. Add more live wallpapers which is controlled by xmode. More cool ones or give user control of changing wallpapers when xmode is on and when x mode is off which is custom live wallpaper option. It will really be useful.

At the end i will say that i trust asus will listen to my recommendations and make our user experience better. Please look into my first recommendation because i think it will be better if we can get all use of our device instead of not using one really cool feature just because of accessories. I hope you understand. THANK YOU ASUS <3

Last thread was locked by a mod so here i am reposting the suggestions so everyone can see 🙂


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