Network problem

NischalNischal Level 1
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Hi, i am getting problem with my network, it doesn't show signal at all. I try changing my sim too, but it still same.


  • Hello, check if you haven't disabled it the settings.

    Settings > network & internet > Sim card

  • NischalNischal Level 1

    It just show like this

    When i use that sim in another phone, it work perfectly fine. It show signal like once or twice a day for like a minute and after that it doesn't show at all in this phone.

  • To be clear, you've tried with two different SIM cards but your ROG II is not detecting either one, and they work just fine with another device?

  • In my Asus zen phone max mobile data network not working. Wi-Fi only work. I have checked all the settings but still the same. Please suggest me how it will solve.

  • Same happened with my asus max m1. Everything is working fine. Only sim card signal not showing. Same sim card working on other mobile. Also I have tried other sim card in asus max m1 but that also not working. So I guess there is problem with my mobile network software and hardware. Can anyone help regarding this. I have tried to reset network settings but not working.

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